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Pierre-Louis Loubet Salary | Career Earnings | Contract Deal | How Much He Earn from Sponsorship?

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Pierre-Louis Loubet Salary

Pierre-Louis Loubet is 25 year old driver from France. He is currently active and hold contract deal with the team M-Sport Ford WRT. In 2015, he made professional debut, from Rally de Portugal. The 2022 WRC season is so far the best one for him where he earned 31 points. Pierre-Louis Loubet salary and his contract deal with M-Sport Ford WRT reported.

Pierre-Louis Loubet Career Earnings :
WRC TeamBase SalarySponsorship MoneyContracts
Hyundai 2C Competition$250k$100k2020
Hyundai 2C Competition$250k$100k2021
M-Sport Ford WRT$375k$150k2022
M-Sport Ford WRT$375k$150k2023
How Much Pierre-Louis Loubet Earn from his current team contract?

He is currently on contract with the team of M-Sport Ford WRT signed an extension deal which is worth of $375k. The sponsorship money is estimated, drivers do get paid from sponsors that were present on their cars and apparel. He drive two years for the team of Hyundai 2C Competition and awarded contract worth of guaranteed $500k.

  • He participated 54 wrc rallies but could not claim a single since 2015 start of his career.
  • The best season as we already reported is 2022, where he managed to collect 31 points in the season.
  • Including all season, data he currently manage to collected 45 points from his Rally career yet.

Further details how much Pierre-Louis Loubet salary and how much he generate from the sponsorship, information related to that updated here later.