UFC 288 Highest Paid Fighters

The official date of UFC 288 is announced it will take place on 6th May 2022, but who will be earning more than $1m in the pay-per-view.

The main event is confirmed where top fighters like Henry Cejudo will return from the retirement to fight with opponent Aljamain Sterling.

How Much Aljamain Sterling Earn for UFC 288?

Aljamain Sterling will earn guaranteed purse of $750k for the fight and his earnings increased maximum $1.5m based on pay-per-view sales.

How Much Henry Cejudo Earn for UFC 288 PPV?

Henry Cejudo return to UFC arena after 2020, he is hopeful to retain his winning streak, before announcing retirement he used to earn $400k guaranteed, since at UFC 288 he is fighting for the title his earnings increased $1.2m figures based guaranteed purse $500k and ppv money.

Belal Muhammad Earnings at UFC 288?

The undefeated Belal Muhammad return to the ring this upcoming where he will fight opponent Gilbert Burns, he will earn guaranteed purse $310k for the fight no pay-per-view money.

How Much Gilbert Burns Earn for UFC 288?

Gilbert Burns currently active and hold contract with UFC, his upcoming fight will take place at pay-per-view event of UFC 288 where he fight opponent Belal Muhammad, his current contract worth $400k per fight.

Jéssica Andrade Purse for UFC 288?

Jessica Andrade is one of the best fighters in the UFC and she is looking forward to put a good fight against her opponent Yan Xiaonan. She will earn guaranteed purse $210k for the fight and her overall earnings increased to $400k based on sponsorship and win bonus.