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Paul Craig vs Johnny Walker Purse Payouts | How Much Promotional Bonus Awarded to fighters?

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Paul Craig Walker Purse

The fifth fight on UFC 283 fight card, will be held between Paul Craig and Johnny Walker. In 2022, Craig has made two major appearances, in the first fight of the calendar he defeated (Nikita Krylov) and later suffer defeat in the second fight from (Volkan Oezdemir) at UFC Fight Night 208 in London, England. Paul Craig Johnny Walker purse payouts for UFC 283 revealed.

FightersPurseWin BonusSponsorship BonusTotal Payouts
Paul Craig$85k$85k$10k$180k
Johnny Walker$48k$48k$5k$101k
How Much Paul Craig Earn at UFC 283?

The actual figures can be added after the fight and main-event, once the performance of the night and fight of the night bonuses awarded, however, Craig will earn guaranteed purse $85k and if win, his earnings double to $170k which include ($85k as of win bonus).

Johnny Walker Earnings at UFC 283 :

Who will win for that we have to wait till this weekend, but the fighters guaranteed purse money reported according to which Johnny Walker leave arena pocketing $151k including all bonuses and sponsorship payouts. If lost than maximum he will earn $53k.

The dates for the UFC 283, in Brazil confirmed, if there will be major changes based on fighters weight or they get cuts in their purse details provided here so far Paul Craig Johnny Walker purse guaranteed is confirmed.