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United Cup Prize Money | How Much Top Rank Players Earn? What Will be teams share Per win In Tournament?

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United Cup Prize Money

The first edition of United Cup announced. Event will began on 29th December 2022 and finals will be played on 8th January 2023. Tournament will take place in Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney, Australia. According to reports, United Cup prize money announced.

How Much United Cup Prize Money?

It’s confirmed that, $15m prize money adjusted for the tournament. The purse distributed among 18 teams of the tournaments. It’s listed among the top paid tournament prize money of tennis.

How the prize money distributed among teams and players in United Cup?

The participation fee and prize money structure is very complex, top rank players from rank 1, 2, 3 will earn big money compare to other rank players in WTA and ATP. Top rank players earn $200k from top rank 1-10 and 11-20 rank players earn $100k.

Ranking1st Player (Participation Fees)2nd Player (Participation Fees)

How Much third participation player earn?

RankingsParticipation Fees | 3rd PlayerFurther Fees

How Much teams earn per group win & semi final open?

Stage WinsNo 1 Player EarningsNo 2 Player EarningsDoubles
Group Win$38.2k$25.9k$7.2k
City Win$69.5k$46.8k$13k
Semi Final Win$132k$89k$24k
Final Win$251k$169k$47.2k

How Much a team earn per win and group win?

Team | WinsPer Player
Group Win$5k
City Win$8k
Semi Final Win$13.6k
Final Win$23.1k
  • Host of the Tournament : Australia
  • Event Dates : 29 December – 16 January 2023
  • Total Participant Teams : 18 Teams
  • Total Prize Money : $15m