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Baron Corbin Salary | Career Earnings | Contract with WWE Worth of $310k Per Year

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Baron Corbin Salary

Thomas Pestock is a professional wrestler and former footballer from United States. He is currently active and hold contract deal with WWE promotion. He began his WWE career under the name of “Baron Corbin”. Before joining wrestling as a professional sports, Corbin played for top NFL teams like (Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals). Baron Corbin salary, contract deal and career earnings regarding to his deal with WWE updated.

PromotionBase SalaryPPV ShareMerchandsie SalesContract
WWE $310kN/AN/A2020
WWE $310kN/AN/A2021
WWE $310kN/AN/A2022
WWE $310kN/AN/A2023
WWE (extension)2024
How Much is his WWE NXT Contract Worth from 2012-16?

NXT is the platform from WWE superstars of feature began their career, NXT offered expensive contract worth $75k and minimum $10k a year which include some benefits regarding to health care and weekly incentives. NXT wrestlers salaries revealed back in year 2014 according to which Baron Corbin salary is worth $25k a year.

How Much New contract of Baron Corbin worth with WWE?

In wrestling season 2016-17, Corbin made his debut in WWE promotion with RAW franchise at Wrestle-mania 32 after dominating opponents at André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, in the last of the fight he eliminated win the Battle Royal. He shares great rivalry with Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and AJ Styles.

The current contract of Corbin is worth of $310k with WWE from year 2020 until 2023. Once the extension deal between him and WWE take place next year more details based on pay-per-view money and if merchandise sales revenue share offered will be updated here.