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Cazoo World Snooker Championship Prize Money | How £2.39 million distributed among players?

The 47th edition of World Snooker Championship is announced. It’s confirmed that event will began from 15th April and finals of the world championship will be held on 1st May 2023. England host the world snooker championship. The venue for snooker championship is announced, all matches will be played at Crucible Theatre, in Sheffield, England. World Snooker Championship prize money is announced.

World Snooker Championship Prize
StandingsPrize Money
Semi Finalists£100k
Quarter Finalists£50k
Round of 16£30k
Round of 32£20k
Round of 48£15k
Round of 80£10k
Round of 112£5k
Highest Break £15k
Total Prize Money£2.39m
Prize money for the World Snooker Championship (officially announced)
How Much World Snooker Championship Winner Earn?

The official figures for the World Snooker Championship prize money confirmed, the winner will receive share of £500k. Overall prize fund adjusted for world snooker championship is maximum £2.39m.

What will be Runner-ups share in World Snooker Championship?

The runner-up in world snooker championship will receive share of £200k. The two semi finalists who could not make to the final will receive £100k each.

  • Highest Break bonus will be awarded from players qualifiers session to the finals. In WSC 2023, highest break bonus reported worth of (£15k).
    • In the round of 112, the losing 32 players awarded with prize share of £5k each. Later £10k awarded to the losing players in the round of 80. £15k adjusted for the players who lost in the round of 48. £20k will be provided to each of the player who lost in the round of 32.
      • In round of 16, each snooker player who got knockout will be awarded with fund of £30k.
  • The four players in the quarter finals who lost their match, each of them will earn share of £50k.

Further details regarding to world snooker championship prize money updated later if there will be any changes to the players prize money. The tournament is well known as “Cazoo world snooker championship” due to it’s sponsorship.