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World Rapid Chess Championship Prize Money | How $500k Distributed Open Tournament Players & Women Players?

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Rapid Chess Championship Money

The upcoming World Rapid Chess Championship event dates finalized. As per official reports the tournament take place and hosted in Kazakhstan. The event began on 26 December and finals of the tournament held on 28th December 2022. World Rapid Chess Championship prize money announced according to which $350k distributed among men’s and $150k distributed among women.

Open StandingsPrize MoneyWomen’s StandingsPrize Money
1st Place$60k1st Place$40k
2nd Place$50k2nd Place$30k
3rd Place$40k3rd Place$20k
4th Place$30k4th Place$15k
5th Place$25k5th Place$10k
6th Place$22k6th Place$7k
7th Place$18k7th Place$6k
8th Place$14k8th Place$5k
9th Place$11k9th Place$4k
10th Place$8k10th Place$3k
11-16th Place$5k11th Place$2k
17-25th Place$3k12th Place$2k
26-35 Place$1.5k13-15 Place$2k
Total Prize Money$350kTotal Prize Money$150k
How Much Winner of Men’s & Women’s Competition Earn?

The player who stand first in the men and women ranking will be awarded with prize money. Men’s 1st position hold will receive share of $60k and women’s winner of the competition receive her share of $40k.

Will there be any further prize money for Runner-ups?

Those who reach the final or finish at the 2nd place in men category will be awarded with prize share of $50k and women’s competition runner-up received her share $30k.

  • The event take place in the only hosted city Almaty of Kazakhistan
  • 2022 edition of the annual chess tournament held by FIDE to determine the world champion in chess played under rapid time controls
  • The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 25 December