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World Men’s Curling Championship Prize Money | How Much Top Teams Paid to Players for Winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals?

World Men's Curling Championship Prize

The upcoming World Men’s Curling Championship is announced, it will began on 2nd April and finals will be held on 9th April 2023. Venue for the event announced, TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada selected for the matches. World Men’s Curling Championship prize money not revealed but winning team players will receive share based on their standings.

CountriesGold MedalistsSilver MedalistsBronze Medalists
Sweden$75k each player$50k each player$25k each player
Canada$50k each player$25k each player$15k each player
United States$100k each player$75k each player$50k each player
Switzerland$75k each player$50k each player$25k each player
Italy$40k each player$20k each player$10k each player
Germany$40k each player$25k each player$12k each player
Norway$75k each player$50k each player$25k each player
Czech Republic$30k each player$20k each player$10k each player
How Much is World Men’s Curling Championship prize money?

Canada will pay highest prize money to it’s players if the finished in the top three. The sports federation adjusted a budget for athletes which is paid to them when the win gold, silver and bronze medal while taking part in Olympics, World Championships.

  • If the team of Sweden win’s the curling championship each player in the squad will be awarded with prize money $75k, if finished second for (silver) medal they will receive share of $50k and bronze medalist players will earn share $25k.
  • The Canadian team in curling cup will receive share $50k each if win’s gold, if stand second receive $25k and third place award for each player will be $15k.
  • Current data of United States players in curling based on athletes funds from Olympic, the money they won in the Olympic and international events is tax free which means $100k for each player in the team if the team won gold medal and if wins silver $75k paid to each player and $50k for the bronze position.
  • Switzerland, Norway both hold the same kind of players bonuses for finishing in the position of gold, each player earn share of $75k and while silver medalist earn $50k each.

Further details based on World Men’s Curling Championship purse payouts will be updated once the event is completed. If there are any official announcement made by the organizers for fund of the event data will be updated shortly. Women’s world curling championship each players bonus also reported.