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Women’s Chess World Cup Prize Money | How $676k Total Fund Distributed Among Players?

Women's Chess World Cup Prize

From 30th July, Azerbaijan will going to host two major Chess tournaments, as per reports both men’s and women’s chess world cup competition will held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event will began from 30th July and finals of the chess world cup held in August 2023. In women’s competition there will be 103 players from all over the world who will compete. Women’s Chess World Cup prize money for year 2023 revealed.

StandingsPrize MoneyTotal PurseNumber of Players
3rd Place$25k$25k1
4th Place$20k$20k1
Eliminated in Round 5$14k$56k4
Eliminated in Round 4$9.5k$76k8
Eliminated in Round 3$6.7k$108k16
Eliminated in Round 2$5k$160k32
Eliminated in Round 1$3.97k$146k39
Total Prize Money$676k

The winning women player in 2023 will earn guaranteed purse of $50k in women’s Chess World Cup prize money. Runner-up who finished second behind the winner will earn guaranteed $35k. Third place women will earn guaranteed purse $25k and fourth place women player earn $20k.

Four women’s players who got eliminated in the round five each of them will earn $14k, eight players who knocked out in round 4 each of them will received $9.5k. Prize money distributed from round 1 to final. Any changes to current event prize money details updated later. Both men’s and women’s chess world cup finals played on same day.