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Pro Bowl Prize Money | How Much Each Player on Winning Team Earn?

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Pro Bowl Prize Money

The upcoming edition of Pro Bowl is announced. Event is well known as Verizon Pro Bowl Games due to it’s sponsorship. The AFC head-coach is Peyton Manning and NFC team head coach (Eli Manning) for year 2023. There is no change in the Pro Bowl prize money for this year competition.

Winners Players PoolRunner-ups Players PoolYear
How Much Winning Team Each Player Earn at Pro Bowl Games?

In 2020, each player in the winning team earn $74k, but back in year 2022 a report revealed that each player in the winning team will receive $84k. There is no hike in the pro bowl games 2023 winning team players pool however in 2024 we expect some rise.

How Much Runner-ups Team Each Player Earn at Pro Bowl Games?

Runner-ups in the Pro Bowl games will be receiving $44k. While in 2020, its reported that Runner-ups received share of $37k from the competition fund.

If the organizers improved Pro Bowl prize money before the competition the details including new figures will be provided here later. February first two week is full of American sports finals, NHL all star games, Pro Bowl and NFL Super Bowl all will be held with in a week.