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Ben Sheppard Salary | Career Earnings | Contract Deal with Indiana Pacers Worth of $13m

Ben Sheppard Salary

Ben Sheppard is a professional basketball player from United States. He is currently active and hold contract deal with Indiana Pacers. In 2023, in the first round of NBA drafts he picked up at 26th spot. Before becoming full time player in NBA league he is playing with the college basketball team of “Belmont Bruins”. Ben Sheppard salary, career earnings and contract details in NBA reported.

PlayerBase SalaryPositionContract WorthTeamYears
Ben Sheppard$2.5mSG$13mIndiana Pacers2023-27

In 2023, he get four years rookie contract deal with Pacers which will end in 2027. The deal will bring $2.5m each year to his account and his overall earnings increased to $13m including bonuses. More details based on Ben Sheppard salary updated once he signed new deal with NBA team or gets an extension deal.