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NBA Prize Money | Players Pool Shares | How Much Each Team Earn in Playoff’s?

NBA Prize Players Pool

The biggest basketball league in the America is (National Basketball Association) which is well known as (NBA). Top sponsors of United States and worldwide work with NBA and it is listed among most money making league in the world. NBA prize money players pool never revealed or suggest for competition however players of the NBA playoff’s and finals earn some share.

StandingsPrize MoneyNumber of Teams
Conference Finals$700k 2 | each team in final
Conference Semi Finals$420k 4 | all four teams
Playoff’s Participants$335k 16 | all sixteen teams
Total Prize Money$33m (estimated)
How Much Winners Earn from NBA Prize Money?

Currently there is no prize money for winning the NBA championship. The NBA association adjusted some funds for the players playoff’s to the final match. Funds will be available and paid during the playoff’s. The figures were reported by the top US and UK media outlets according to which teams playing in the final will receive $4.2m or $3.8m in year 2023 which is further distributed among players as pool money.

Runner-ups in the NBA championship will receive share of $2.5m to $2.8 million during year 2023 which is further divided among the players.

How Much Conference Finalists Earn?

The two teams from each conference Eastern and Western when reach the finals, they receive extra funds maximum $700k estimated for the season 2023. There will be $1.4m distribution among the finalists of conference and 50% each team received which will later paid to players.

Playoff’s Participants & Conference Semi Finalists Prize Money?

There’s a fixed amount of $335k for each team adjusted when the qualified for the NBA playoff’s. This fund later distributed among the players, the teams who win their playoff’s match will later play semi finals of conference. All four teams involved in the conference semi finals will receive share of $420k which later distributed to the players. A total prize fund of $33m estimated for NBA playoff’s season 2023.

Further details regarding to NBA prize money players pool for year 2023 updated later. Currently no official data reported for the competition prize money only money for the players. Which is choice of the teams how they want to get paid.