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Judo World Masters Prize Money

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Judo World Masters Prize

The upcoming edition of the Judo World Masters take place in Pais Arena in Jerusalem, Israel. Last year the event hosted in Doha, Qatar. According to official reports from the competition there will be 367 competitors from 58 countries are participating. The Judo World Masters prize money decreased from €200k to €196k this year.

StandingsJudokaCoachTotal Payout
Gold Medalist€4,800€1,200€6k
Silver Medalist€3,200€800€4k
Bronze Medalist€1,600€400€2k
How Much Winners & Runner-ups Earn in Judo World Masters?

The event will kickoff on 20 December and finals will be played 22 December 2022. The winner will get paid maximum €4.8k and runner-up in the tournament earn share of (€3.2k).

  • 5 Judo fighters from France last year won gold medal
  • South Korea stands runner-ups in the table with 3 Golds
  • Each player who win’s the medal will be awarded with prize money €4.8k, which means there will be distribution of €67k among the gold medalist.
  • €44k total money adjusted for the runner-ups Judoka’s.