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IIHF World Championship Prize Money | How Much Nations Pay to their Athletes for Winning Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal?

IIHF World Championship Money

The upcoming Ice-hockey event IIHF World Championship will held in Finland and Latvia. It will began on 12th May and final of the world championship will be held on 28th May 2023. There will be sixteen teams that will be part of the IIHF World Championship in year 2023. The two venues got selected for the IIHF World Championship Nokia Arena in Tampere and Arena Riga in Riga, Latvia. IIHF World Championship prize money did not disclosed yet.

How Much Winning Team earn from IIHF World Championship prize money?

Officially no prize money reported for the players or teams participating in the IIHF World Championship. However the winning team players will earned guaranteed prize fund based on their position. Some countries offered good bonus money for the players for winning, finishing runner-up or ending-up on third place in the competition.

TeamsGold Medal (1st Place)Silver Medal (2nd Place)Bronze Medal (3rd Place)
United States$37k$22.5k$15k
Some countries like Sweden, Latvia players bonuses were estimated, back in year 2016 it’s reported that Sweden athletes in six figures for winning gold, bronze and silver medal in Olympics.
  • If the team of United States win the IHF World Championship in year 2023, each player in the squad will earn $37k prize money bonus on national level if finished as runner-up all players earned share of $22.5k and third place will bring $15k to their accounts.
  • If team of Sweden becomes the champion, each player the squad will earn share in six figures it’s reported by number of sources during winter olympics and summer olympics. However currently no details revealed how much Ice Hockey players received but estimated data based on Sweden players bonuses indicating that each player will be rewarded with $50k for winning gold medal and $25k for each silver medal.
  • How much the hosting teams players will earn Finland each player in the squad awarded with estimated bonus prize money of $30k for winning IIHF world championship, $20k for finishing second in the competition.

Further details regarding to IIHF World Championship prize money will be updated once the competition is ended on 28th May 2023. See the difference in the payouts of athletes for men and women’s, IIHF women’s world championship prize details also reported.