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IIHF Women’s World Championship Prize Money | How Much Winning Team Earn?

IIHF Women's World Championship Prize

The 22nd edition of IIHF Women’s World Championship began on 5th April and finals of the competition played on 16th April 2023. Canada is hosting the IIHF Women’s World Championship in 2023. All matches will be played in one venue and one city of Canada. Total 16 games that will be part of the competition. IIHF Women’s World Championship prize money reported.

Participants Gold MedalistSilver MedalistBronze Medalist
Canada$25k (each player)$15k each player$10k (each player)
Finland$25k (each player)$15k (each player)$10k (each player)
France$15k (each player)$10k (each player)$5k (each player)
Germany$20k (each player)$10k (each player)$5k (each player)
Hungary$20k (each player)$15k (each player)$10k (each player)
Sweden$30k (each player)$20k (each player)$10k (each player)
Switzerland$30k (each player)$20k (each player)$10k (each player)
United States$30k (each player)$20k(each player)$10k (each player)
The figures currently estimated for each IIHF women’s world championship players based on (Winter Olympics) incentives.
How Much Winning Team Earn from IIHF Women’s World Championship Prize Money?

Currently no prize money reported for the IIHF Women’s World Championship. However it’s confirmed that winning team, runner-up and third place team will receive funds from their sports development programs back in the country. The give data regarding to the IIHF Women’s World Championship purse payouts based on Winter Olympics athletes prize money how much countries paid to them when they won bronze, gold and silver medal.

  • If the hosting Nation Canada win’s the IIHF women’s world champion they will receive shares ($25k) each player as incentive, lost the final each player awarded with $15k share and if hold third place in the competition there will be share of $10k each player. Currently it’s estimated incentive for the Canadian team.
  • United States team win’s the IIHF women’s World Championship, each player awarded with $30k purse, if finished as of finalist they will receive $20k and third place their earnings will be maximum $10k.
  • Switzerland and Sweden the two hold highest paid incentives for their players and athletes who participate in international competitions, all players in the squad earn $30k for winning gold medal, $20k for finishing second in the competition and $10k for third place.

The athletes have advantage that this prize money they won from international competition is tax free in some countries. United States athletes earn tax free incentives for winning gold medal, silver medal and bronze medal in Olympics, Winter Olympics and other international competition. If IIHF world Championship organizers revealed prize money for the women’s competition details will be updated here later.