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IBA World Boxing Championships Prize Money | How $5.2m Distributed Among Gold, Silver & Bronze Medalists?

IBA World Boxing Championships Prize

The upcoming IBA World Boxing Championships will take place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Official dates of the IBA World Boxing Championships is announced according to reports it will began on 30th April and finals of the event will be held on 14 May. Organizers announced IBA World Boxing Championships prize money which makes it one of the expensive boxing international competition.

How much winner earn from IBA World Boxing Championships prize money?

The official figures for the total fund of the IBA World Boxing Championship reported to be $5.2m. Official reports indicating that the winners who earned gold medals in the competition will earn $200k, runner-up and win’s silver medal in the championship will received share of $100k and while third place holder (bronze medalist) will earn share of $50k.

StandingsPrize Money
1st (Gold Medal)$200k
2nd (Silver Medal)$100k
3rd (Bronze Medal)$50k
Total Prize Money$5.2m
How Many Boxers will win medals at IBA World Boxing Championships?

There are thirteen division in which boxers compete each division have three winners. Maximum purse distributed among gold medalist there will be 13 gold medalist and their prize money is maximum ($2.6m). While the silver medalist prize money maximum ($1.3m). The boxers who finished at 3rd place, their prize money will be ($650k).

Last year there 510 competitors from all over the world take part. This year the organizers may see increase in the number of the boxers at Tashkent, Uzbekistan. All boxing fights will take place at Humo Arena. Cuba won most medals last season in gold division, three of their boxers reach the final and win gold medal for their nation.

What Extra Medalist Boxers Earn after IBA World Boxing Championships?

The figures were set by the nations Olympic associations, of the national countries, if the boxers win silver, bronze or gold medal they receive a sum from the fund adjusted for players winning competition or finishing in top three of international event.

CountriesNational Fund for Boxers
Cuba$10k gold medal, $5k silver medal, $1.5k bronze medal
United States$100k for gold medal, $75k silver medal, $50k bronze medal (without taxes)
Japan$25k (gold medalist), $10k silver medalist, $5k bronze medalist
France$50k gold medalist, $25k silver medalist, $10k bronze medalist
Ukraine$30k gold medalist, $15k silver medalist, $10 bronze medalist
The above figures were estimated for some countries such as Ukraine, Japan and Cuba.

Highest paying nation to their athletes for winning international level competition is Kazakhstan. They have adjusted massive fund of $250k for gold medalist, $150k for silver medalist and $75k bronze medalist, but these claimed figures are only for Olympic. Boxers when win gold for Kazakhstan they will earn $75k, if stand second win silver medal will earn ($50k) and $25k awarded if finished third for bronze medal.