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Most Popular Hottest Female Snooker Referees In the World (Active / Retired)

Hottest Female Snooker Referees

Snooker is rising sports in the world, now day’s female snooker referees selected for ranking and non-ranking event. However some of these females recently become most search personalities. Michaela Tabb is one of the most search snooker female referee and also listed as hottest snooker referee in the world. See the list of hottest female snooker referees in the world.

#1 : Michaela Tabb : Retired :
Michaela Tabb Sexiest snooker referee

Michaela Tabb is a former professional snooker player from Scotland. She also worked as female referee in the snooker and earned huge fame.

Michaela Tabb hot snooker women

Michaela Tabb, stays active in snooker career as pro player and referee from 2001-2015.

Michaela Tabb Snooker Referee hottest
#2 : Desislava Bozhilova : Active – Snooker Referee :
Desislava Bozhilova most hottest snooker referee

Desislava Bozhilova is one of the top female snooker referee who is seen in top competition in the world. She turned pro referee in 2012 and in a short period time become one of the successful referees in snooker. At the age of 13 she start playing snooker.

Desislava Bozhilova sexy snooker referee

There are many ranking events she served as a referee at the World Snooker Championship. Bozhilova refereed her first Triple Crown final at the 2022 Masters. Her second Triple Crown final as a referee came at the 2022 UK Championship.

Desislava Bozhilova hottest snooker referee
#3 : Proletina Velichkova : Active – Snooker Referee:
Proletina Velichkova hottest referee

Proletina Velichkova is from Bulgaria. She recently become famous and top rank female referee seen in top non-ranking and ranking events as match official. Her career as pro referee began in year 2011.

Proletina Velichkova hottest referee in the world from Bulgaria

There are reports that she is among highest paid snooker referees in the during year 2018. She become match official in many European Tour events.

Proletina Velichkova hottest referee and most beautiful referees in the world
#4 : Monika Sulkowska : Pro Referee (Active) :
Monika Sulkowska hottest polish snooker referee

Monika Sulkowska is a professional snooker referee from Poland. She is currently active and hold contract with snooker promotion as match official. She has been part of many minor ranking, non-ranking and ranking snooker events in Europe and worldwide.

Monika Sulkowska hottest snooker referee from Poland

Her career as pro referee began in year 2012. In short period of time she earned huge fame in snooker sports. In 2014, her debut as pro referee began from (Gdynia Open). She is match official for top events such as German Masters, World Snooker Championship.

#5 : Maike Kesseler : Snooker Referee (Active) :

Maike Kesseler is a professional snooker referee from Germany. She is active since 2005 in snooker. After not getting much from pro snooker player career she choose referee option, and with in few years passed the examination of snooker official.

Maike Kesseler hottest referee in snooker from Germany

Kesseler received invitations to referee at other major professional tournaments. In 2013, she become the pro referee and In 2014, 2015, and 2016 match official for the German Masters.

Maike Kesseler : Snooker Referee (Active) :

Kesseler also refereed several times at tournaments in the UK. In 2017 she refereed at the World Cup in Wuxi, China, and the 2017 World Snooker Championship for the first time.

#6 : Tatiana Woollaston : Snooker Referee (Active) :
Tatiana Woollaston hottest referee.

Tatiana Woollaston is a professional snooker referee. She is active as referee in snooker since 2008. In 2010, She made history with the first official member from Eastern Europe to be match official in the world-class game.

Tatiana Woollaston hottest in snooker referees

She is a degree holder from (Belarus State Economic University). Wollaston completed her studies in the banking, credit, and finance.

Tatiana Woollaston hottest referee active in snooker 2023