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FIS Cross-Country World Cup Prize Money | Winners Share | Each Stage Winner Earn 5,000 Chf

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FIS World Cup Prize

The FIS Cross-Country world cup organized by (International Ski Federation) will take place between year 2022-23. The event began on 25th November and finals of the competition held on 26 March 2023. There is break during the world cup for two months February and March, due to World Championships in Planica. How much FIS Cross-Country world cup prize money adjusted for the 2022-23 competition details confirmed.

According to the Rules for the FIS Cross Country World Cup, the organizing comities must divide sum of chf 40,000 per individual. The individual ranked from 1st place to 20th receive there share of prize money. Big chunk of payout will be given to 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place holder. According to news sources, chf 5,000 given to each winner of the stage.

StandingsPrize Money
1st Position10,000 chf
2nd Position7,500 chf
3rd Position5,000 chf
4th4,000 chf
5th3,000 chf
6th2,000 chf
7th1,500 chf
8th1,100 chf
9th1,000 chf
10th900 chf
11th800 chf
12th700 chf
13th600 chf
14th500 chf
15th400 chf
16th300 chf
17th250 chf
18th200 chf
19th150 chf
20th100 chf

How much Individual prize money reserved for finals?

For the finals of the individual sprints, prize money adjusted upto 30k chf. The money later divided among the top six finishers in the competition.

  • 1st Place in Individual Sprint earn (12,000 chf)
  • Second place holder received share of (8,000 chf)
  • Third place holder will get his share of (4,000 chf)
  • 4th place (3,000 chf)
  • 5th place (2,000 chf)
  • 6th place (1,000 chf)

What will be the purse for the finalists of World Cup?

  • The individual who reached the final win’s the final will earn (22,000 chf) as prize share.
  • Runner-up in the final will receive share of (17,500 chf).
  • Third place holder in the competition final will make (11,000 chf)

How much FIS Cross-Country World Cup Prize Money Increased?

This year it’s reported that there is hike of 10% in prize money. Official numbers for the top position holders will be revealed soon. Find more details regarding FIS cross-country tv coverage.