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European Speed Skating Championships Prize Money | How Much Skaters Earn in Sprint Speed & All-Round?

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Speed Skating Championships Prize

The upcoming edition of European Speed Skating Championships will began from the 1st week of January 2023. As per reports the opening day will take place 6 January 2023 and finals played on 8th January. The event host by Norway this year while last year hosting rights hold by Netherlands. European Speed Skating Championships prize money for year 2023 reported.

StandingsAll-RoundSprint SpeedDistances Single
1st Place$7,000$6,000$2,000
2nd Place$5,000$4,000$1,250
3rd Place$3,000$2,000$750
Overall Prize Money$30,000$24,000$28,000
How Much 1st place holder in all three categories earn prize money?

The first place holder in the all-round, sprint speed and distances single will earn between $2k to $7k maximum. Reported purse for the winners as 1st place in all round competition earn ($7k), sprint speed first position holder earn 6k.

How much runner-up earn in the European Speed Skating Championships?

All-round runner-ups in the competition awarded with prize money of $5k, who stands second in sprint speed earn share of $4k and distances singles runner-up will receive share of $1.25k.

CompetitorsAll-RoundSpeed SkatingDistance
Men’s Purse Share$15k$12k$28k
Women Purse Share$15k$12k$28k

No changes made to the prize money share of men’s and women’s competition. Equal prize money adjusted for the both competitors at European Speed Skating Championships.

It’s confirmed the European Speed Skating Championships prize money is worth $82k which is distributed among all three disciplines. If there will be any specific changes to the current prize money for the skaters details provided here. Find more about upcoming Ice Skating events.