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European Artistic Gymnastics Championships Prize Money | How Much Countries Paid to their athlete if win Gold, Silver & Bronze Medal?

European Artistic Gymnastics Prize

The 10th edition of European Artistic Gymnastics Championships for men and women take place in Turkey. It will began on 11th April and finals will be held on 16th April 2023. Antalya Sports Hall in Antalya, Turkey selected venue for all competition. Men’s Team Final and Qualification for Individual Finals will be held on 11th April and Women’s Team Final and Qualification for Individual Finals on 12th April while Individual Apparatus Finals held on 16th April 2023. European Artistic Gymnastics Championships prize money for the athletes reported.

CountriesGold MedalistSilver MedalistBronze MedalistAnnual Payment
Great BritainN/AN/AN/A$38k
How Much European Artistic Gymnastics Championships prize money?

Officially there is no prize fund for the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships, however the athletes will earn a good share of the prize on national level. Top countries who send their athletes for international competition like Commonwealth Games, Olympics paid to their athletes on return based on their winning results in form of gold, silver, and bronze medal. The provided data in the above table is is based on national level prize money adjustment for athletes the figures are estimated may be some countries pay more than this.

  • There are no prize money on local level for the Great Britain athletes for winning gold medal, silver medal or bronze medal, however they get paid annual stipend $38k each athlete.
  • Italy is one of the highest paying countries to the Olympic athletes in the world, so far no details how much they pay to the winners of European Artistic Gymnastics, but estimated share for each athlete will be $10k if win gold, $5k if silver medal and $2k for winning bronze medal.
  • Switzerland, Belgium, Spain are among three countries who paid in six figures to the Olympic athletes as per reports revealed back in year 2016 while (Rio Games) announced. All athletes earning for European Artistic Gymnastics is estimated data for winning bronze, silver and gold medal.

Further details which include European Artistic Gymnastics prize money report revealed after the competition or on final day if any country announced bonus for their athletes.