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Tour de France Prize Money | How Much Cyclist & Teams Earn in General Classifications?

The 110th edition of Tour de France began from 1st July and and final stage take place on 23rd July. The event will continue from Bilbao, Spain and ends in Champs-Élysées, Paris, on 23 July 2023. AG2R Citroën Team, Movistar Team, Team DSM–Firmenich, Astana Qazaqstan Team top teams to watch in the Tour de France competition. The official details for Tour de France prize money revealed.

StandingsPrize Money
Third Place€2.8k
4th Place€1.5k
5th Place€830
6th Place€780
7th Place€730
8th Place€670
9th Place€650
10th Place€600
11th Place€540
12th Place€470
13th Place€440
14th Place€340
15th Place€300
16th Place€300
17th Place€300
18th Place€300
19th Place€300
20th Place€300
Tour de France Prize Money

As per reports it’s confirmed that winner in Tour de France will earn guaranteed prize money of €11k. The runner-up who finished behind champion will earn guaranteed (€5.5k). Cyclist who stands third in the competition will earn share of the €2.8k. Fourth place cyclist earn €1.5k share from the purse. Funds for the Tour de France remains same upto €2.3m.

Standings1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
General Classification€500k€200k€100k
Team Winners€50k€30k€20k
Points Winners€25k€15k€10k
Green Jersey€25k€15k€10k
King of the Mountains (Polka dot Jersey)€20k
Aggressive Rider (Red Jersey)€20k€15k€10k
Young Riders (White Jersey)€20k€15k€10k
  • The winner in General Classification will earn share €500k and the runner-up in the GC will earn share of €200k and third place holder will receive share €100k
  • Winning cyclist team will earn share of €50k, the second place team in the competition rewarded with fund of €30k and third place team rewarded with fund of 20k.
  • Points winner and green jersey awarded player will receive share of €25k on first place, 2nd place cyclist will earn share €15k and third place cyclist will get paid upto €10k.
  • Cyclist awarded with King of the Mountains (polka dot jersey), first place for the award will earn share of €25k, 2nd place cyclist 15k and third place will earn €10k.
  • Aggressive rider who stands first and awarded with red jersey earn share of €20k for standing on top position.
  • Young riders who standings 1st in the place will awarded white jersey, and earn share of €20k, 2nd place rider €15k and and third place rider €10k.
  • In the individual stages, first place prize is €11k, runner-up share is €5.5k and third place riders reward is €2.8k.

Adam Yates, Victor Lafay, Jasper Philipsen, Jai Hindley top cyclist to watch in the upcoming Tour de France competition. Further details regarding Tour de France prize money will be updated if there will be any changes made to it.