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Strade Bianche Prize Money | How Much Men’s & Women’s Winner Earn?

Strade Bianche Prize Money

The upcoming Cycling race “Strade Bianche” edition of 2024 confirmed. The one day race will be held on 4th March in Italy. Both men and women cyclist will be seen in action. Strade Bianche prize money for the competition announced.

StandingsMen’s Prize MoneyWomen’s Prize Money
Runner-ups€8k (estimated)€1.5k (estimated)
3rd Place€3k (estimated)€1k (estimated)
4th Place€2k (estimated)€750 (estimated)
5th Place€1.5k (estimated)€350 (estimated)
Total Prize Money€40k €10k
How Much is Strade Bianche prize money?

The total fund Strade Bianche is confirmed, there will be distribution of €40k among the winners and runner-ups in the competition of men’s. Women’s competition total prize money reported €10k.

How Much Winning Cyclist Earn at Strade Bianche?

Winner at Strade Bianche in men’s competition will earn share of (€16,000). The women’s winners will earn share of (€2,256). A hike in the purse of cyclists expected next year, there will be 10% to 20% increase in the prize fund.

What will be share of Runner-ups in Strade Bianche?

Runner-ups in men’s event will earn estimated €8k. In women’s event, runner-up received share of €1.5k. Once complete breakdown Strade Bianche purses table announced details will be updated here later. TIRRENO-ADRIATICO is upcoming event road-cycle racing.