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Chess World Cup Prize Money | How Much Players Earn from $1.83m Total Fund?

The upcoming Chess World Cup 2023 is announced. As per reports the event will began in Baku, Azerbaijan. There will be 206 players all around the world who will be part of it. The event take place with same dates of Women’s Chess World Cup in 2023. Chess World Cup prize money based on reported data revealed.

StandingsPrize MoneyTotal PurseNumber of Players
3rd Place$60k$60k1
4th Place$50k$50k1
Eliminated in Round 6$35k$140k4
Eliminated in Round 5$25k$200k8
Eliminated in Round 4$16k$256k16
Eliminated in Round 3$10k$320k32
Eliminated in Round 2$6k$384k64
Eliminated in Round 1$3k$234k78
Total Prize Money$1.83m

There is a fund of $1.83m adjusted for Chess World Cup prize money for year 2023. Data based on prize fund revealed according to which winner of the tournament will receive share of $110k, runner-up received share of $80k, $60k and $50k distributed among third place and fourth place players.

The four players who got knocked out in the round 6 will earn guaranteed purse $35k, the eight players eliminate in round 5 each of them will receive share of $25k. Further details from round 1 elimination to winner reported in the give table.