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World Rally Championship Prize Money | How Much Junior WRC Drivers Earn for Winning Season?

WRC Prize Money

The upcoming season of the World Rally Championship is confirmed, the event will began on 19 January 2023 and final race of the season will be held in November 2023. In the 51st edition of FIA World Rally Championship there will be 13 rally on the calendar. The first rally of the season will be held in Monaco and final race of the season will take place in Japan. How much WRC prize money adjusted each year.

How Much Winning Team Earn from WRC prize money?

There is currently no prize money for the WRC season drivers, however the Junior drivers who came from the development program earn based on their standing position in the season. As per reports estimated earnings for the junior drivers who finished 1st on the point table will earn €100k prize money, the second place driver earn €50k-€75k and third place driver in the standing earn between €25k-50k.

Standings (Junior WRC Drivers)Estimated Prize Money
3rd Place€50k
4th Place€25k
5th Place€20k
6th Place€15k
7th Place€10k
8th Place€10k
9th Place€10k
10th Place€10k
How Much WRC Drivers Earn for Winning Stage?

Officially there are no details how much WRC drivers earn when they win rally stage. However some reports by US media outlets reported that a driver in WRC earn between €10k-20k per stage win. There are 15-25 stages in each rally if the figures reported by the US media outlet true a driver who win upto 10-15 stages will earn between €100k-€300k based on the reported figures. So far these figures were claimed number not officially reported.

What is Sponsorship Bonus for winning drivers of WRC?

WRC is one of the biggest brands in Rally racing, the winning driver earn a good salary from team after signing a contract no prize money involved in the season. But young drivers earn based on their finishing in the WRC season. Sponsorship pay big money to the drivers if they won the season, they get paid from €250k to €500k a season. No figures were claimed by the official organizers of the WRC and sponsorships working WRC teams these numbers were reported by the US media outlet.

SummaryPrize Money (2014-20)Prize Money (2020-23)
Stage Win Bonus€5k€10k – €20k
Race Win Bonus€10k€20k
Sponsorship Bonus€50k€500k (reported)
Junior Rookie Drivers Bonus€15k€10k – €100k
The figures for 2014-20 WRC prize money revealed by a top sports magazine while some information regarding to drivers bonus estimated.
The Impact of winning WRC season?

The drivers of WRC when the win the season offered a good salary contract by the their teams, while some drivers don’t have their own teams they are their own. But winning the Junior WRC season impact the young drivers, they get chance and spotlight to earn their place in the WRC season with a contract worth more than €100k in the start of their career.

Further details based on WRC prize money will be updated later if World Rally Championship organizers revealed how much they pay to the drivers each season.