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Formula 1 Pit Crew Members Salaries | How Much They Earn in A Year? What Bonus Paid If the team wins Grand Prix to Pit Staff?

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F1 Pit Crew Salaries

In the world of sports now days salaries kept secret from the public specially when it comes to athletes earnings and contracts. But how much some other peoples related to sports earn, such as F1 pit crew members who may not race during the grand-prix but there presence really matters. How much F1 pit crew members salaries in a year.

Pit MembersPer RaceAnnual SalaryRace BonusIndividuals
Crew Chief$5k – $20k$250k – $1m$5k1
Refueling Person$3k – $10k$250k – $500k$3k1
Tire Changers$3k – $10k$250k – $500k$3k4 (2 right – 2 left)
Tire Carriers$3k – $10k$250k – $500k$2.5k8 (4 right – 4 left)
Jack Men$1.5k – $5k$125k$1k2
Wing Men$1.5k – $5k$120k$1k1
Lollipop Man$3k$75k$5001
Starter Man$1.5k$35k$3501
Fire Extinguisher Man$750$17k$3501

Who are Lowest Paid Staff Members in F1 pit Crew?

  • All of sports sources reported formula 1 pit crew staff salaries back in year 2018, 2019 and 2020. The reported data hints the lowest pay person in the staff is fire extinguisher man. Who’s main job is to make sure not any of the car stuff or member catches fire, if happens he is the one who’s there to help his pit staff. One source reported fire extinguisher man earn guaranteed $17k a year alongside top teams $12-10k with new teams or low budget teams.
  • The other person who can not earn more than $50k is starter man. He is the one who holds the job to make sure that driver stood ready with a starter tool to restart the car should the driver stall his engine during the pit stop. A starter man earn maximum $35k with top team and $20k estimated with low budget teams

Who is the head of Pit Crew in F1?

F1 Crew Chief salary

Crew Chief is one of the leaders in the F1 pit crew who control the situation based on pit laps during the races. He is the one who is in contact with driver and let him know when is the best time to approach the pit lane to make sure they lead retain during the laps. Crew Chief in F1 earn upto $250k to $1m a year. Depends on team to team and the staff they hire. F1 crew chief salary of mechanics and engineers revealed.

How Much Refueling Person Earn in F1?

F1 refueling person salary

Once the car hit the pit lane the most important job belongs to two person refueling and tire changers. The head of the pit crew let the refueling person know how much fuel he will fill in the car during the pit time because if he takes more time to refuel the lead driver set in the laps may be overtaken by another driver. A refueling person in F1 earn maximum between $150k to $500k in upcoming year. F1 refueling person salary reported for the year 2023.

How Much Tire Changers & Tire Carriers changers earn in F1 season?

Another person who hold most important job in F1 pit crew is the person related to tires, he is the one to figure out what kind of tires cars needed during the race wet, dry based on weather condition. The f1 drivers who lead or retain their time lap lead during the race after pit stop, tire changers and tire carriers workers are behind, as fast as they work, drivers get less stoppage time build pressure over other teams. A tire changer and carrier changer earn maximum $150k to $500k a year but depends on how they performed during pit stop.

Who Are Richest Pit Crew Staffs in Formula One?

Red Bull Racing, Ferrari, Mercedes one of the top spending teams on their pit crews, they make sure they got best engineers and mechanics who are fast during the pit lane. These teams adjust budget for their pit staff and make sure they are totally equipped with tools needed during the pit lane.

F1 Pit Staff TeamsBudget AdjustedBudget Spend on Pit Staff
Ferrari F1$10m$3m | including bonuses
Red Bull Racing F1$8m$3m | Including bonuses
Mercedes F1$10m$4m | Including bonuses
McLaren F1 Team$5m$1.2m | including bonuses
Alfa Romeo F1 Team$3m$750k (estimated)
Alpine F1 Team$3m$750k (estimated)
Aston Martin F1 Team$5m$1.5m | including bonuses
Haas F1 Team$5m$1.5m | including bonuses
Scuderia AlphaTauri$3m$850k (estimated)
Williams Racing$5m$1.5m (estimated)
  • Red Bull Racing Team : estimated set the amount of $5m for pit crew staff during the season, to hire or extended the contract of their engineers and mechanics.
  • Ferrari F1 Team : Allot budget of $10 million for their pit staff but used as much as they needed during the season, currently it’s an estimated amount for Ferrari F1 pit crew team yearly budget however they may spend more than that or less than $10m but not less than $7m a season.