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Dakar Rally Prize Money | How Much Cash Prizes Awarded to Winning Riders & Drivers In Competition?

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Dakar Rally Prize Money

The upcoming Dakar Rally 2024 announced. The 46th edition will be held in Saudi Arabia. Upcoming Dakar Rally event organized by (Amaury Sport Organization). The 16 day event will began on 31st December and final race of the season held on January 2024. Total 14 stages for this year Rally competition announced. Dakar Rally prize money, cash prizes and sponsorship money announced.

Race CompetitorsCash PrizesSponsorship MoneyBonuses
Bike Riders$45,000$100,000$10,000
Quad Riders$45,000$100,000$10,000
Car Drivers$60,000$350,000$25,000
Truck Drivers$50,000$225,000$15,000
UTV Drivers$50,000$250,000$15,000

How Much Rider or Driver in Dakar Rally Earn?

There is no prize money method introduce for the Dakar Rally. No rider or driver can access the Dakar Rally event without sponsorship and cash prize deal. A rider and driver only get paid cash prize if he wins the competition. Sponsorship money plays key role for some riders and drivers as they extra fund for maintenance of their vehicles.

Will there be bonus for Riders & Drivers in Competition:

Currently difficult to predict how much riders and drivers earn bonus for winning stages and Dakar Rally competition. A news portal reported riders of Bikes and Quads will earn extra $10k for winning competition. However the drivers of the cars, trucks and utv will pocket $15k to $25k based on their standings in the competition.

How Much Sponsorship payment help the riders and drivers?

Dakar Rally drivers and riders get discount on the registration dates, A reported by Dakar official site revealed that experienced riders in the bike and quad gets (€500k) bonus, a rookie rider in the same category earn (€1000) bonus.

  • Same source reported, €2000 for the experienced drivers in Cars and UTV competition and rookie driver get paid €3000.
  • A professional and experienced driver earn €3000 in Trucks competition and same payout adjusted for the rookie drivers.

The discount will be exercised on the deadline of the final payment. More details regarding to the drivers and riders and Dakar Rally prize money updated here later.