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How Much Dakar Rally Cars, Bikes, Quad Bikes and Trucks Cost?

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Dakar Rally Cars Cost

The 2023 Dakar Rally announced. Upcoming event again held in Saudi Arabia, began on 31st December and final race day will held on 16 January 2023. Only professional motorsports teams or person with strong finance can compete the race. Because you need to have at least half of million dollars to keep the car, bikes, trucks and quad bikes on the desert ralley. Dakar Rally cars cost, bike, trucks and quad bikes maintenance is costly.

How Much Dakar Rally Car cost?

It’s not easy to get listed among the Dakar Rally what you need a good finance budget before that. Some reports suggest that a driver must have to pay upto $25k entry fees, even if he does pay to enter he must know what further charges required for mechanical changes. A car must need to be checked after each stage a better maintained car the better it performed. Almost $50k estimated cost for mechanical observation of car during the whole race. Dakar Rally cars cost increased each season after new equipment fitted among the cars.

  • A driver must insured his car or at least got strong sponsorship if suffered an accident.
  • An accident can cause severe damage to car and its parts the only way to continue is that driver must an other car option or if the damage can be repairable before the next stage began.
RideCost ValueMechanical ChargesParts & EquipmentsEntry Fees
Car$500k$50k (based on stages)$100k$25k – $30k
How much Dakar Rally bike cost?

Mostly sponsored team bikes enter to the Dakar Rally race, Gas Gas, Honda, Yamaha, and KTM top developers of the bikes and their bikes can be seen in the performance during Dakar Rally. Indian motorcycle made (Hero) also enters to the Dakar. A rally bike can cost you maximum $150k based on performance, specs. However further money which required to compete in competition is upto $15k based on mechanical changes and if any parts gets damaged during the race cost will increased $200k.

  • 2023 KTM 450 Rally Replica, bike made for Dakar cost maximum $27k however further expenses including mechanical changes, parts equipment’s will increase its worth to $60k for a race or more than this. Given amount is based on estimated money required.
RideCostMechanical ChargesParts & EquipmentsEntry Fees
Bike$27k – $100k$15k (complete event)$50k (including VAT)$25k – $30k
What is the cost price of ATV Quads?

Officially no details were out how much ATV Quads can cost. As per sources a normal quad bike can cost upto $15k. But since Dakar Rally is one of the biggest desert race in the world Quads with top quality engine, equipment’s build by the top motorsport companies for the riders and teams. All top teams last year used (Yamaha) made Quads.

  • Yamaha normal quad bikes cost between between $12k and $15.6k.
  • The top end bikes with limited editions, fully equipped with latest parts worth maximum $21k to $28k.
RideCostMechanical ChangesParts & EquipmentsEntry Fees
4×4 Quad Bike$28k (maximum)$10k$40k (including VAT)$30k
What will be cost of Dakar Rally trucks?

The Group T4 trucks were used in Dakar Rally well these include heavy prototypes and light prototypes. Official cost of the Dakar Group T4 not revealed but estimated prices alongside mechanical charges revealed. A report revealed that $400k required for the Modified and series production one’s. Most of the top motorsport companies introduce with modified equipment trucks before the competition which include top makers (Hino, DAF, Perlini, and Mercedes-Benz).

RidesCostMechanical ChargesParts & EquipmentsEntry Fee’s
Trucks$400k (maximum)$75k (based on stages)$150k (depends on damages)$25k – $30k

The figures were taken from top sources, these figures already claimed by top media agencies. Dakar Rally 2023 season will be soon to continue. Top sponsorship signed deals with Dakar which makes it richest desert race in the world.