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Luca Marini Contract Deal with Avintia Esponsorama Racing Until 2021

Luca Marini Salary & Contract Deal with ( Avintia Esponsorama Racing)

Contract Year

Base Salary

Per Race Wage

Sponsorship Bonus

MotoGP Team

2021 (new contract)




Avintia Racing

2022 (optional year)




Avintia Racing

Contract Worth

$350,000 (no details included signing bonus and sponsorship bonus)

Luca Marini professional motorcycle racer from Italy, he finished 2nd in moto2 world championship in 2020. After the season end’s, he signed 1 year deal with Esponsorama Racing team. The Esponsorama motogp team reached both top 2 riders of moto2 season 2020, according to news sources, Luca Marini salary reported $350,000 on base of his 1 year contract. He will get optional year with Esponsorama Racing in 2022 but that decision depend on his performance chart in 2021 motogp season.

Luca Marini Salary Contract

Things so far did not go according to Luca Marini plan, in first six start of the season 2021, he only manage to get 9 points. In future if Luca Marini salary increased or signed extension details will be provided here.