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Johann Zarco 1 Year Contract Deal with Ducati Pramac Racing 2021

Johann Zarco Salary & Contract Deal with (Ducati Pramac Racing)

Contract Year

Base Salary

Per Race Wage

Sponsorship Bonus

MotoGP Team


$2 million



Pramac Racing

2022 (optional year)





Contract Extension

no details

no details

no details

no details

Contract Worth

$2.5 million (including sponsorship bonus)

Johann Zarco professional motorcyclist from France, recently signed 1 year contract deal with Ducati in 2021. Before joining the team of Pramac Racing hold contract deal with (Reale Avintia Racing) in 2020. Zarco finished 13th in the riders standings with 77 points. He did not signed any extension deal, joined the team (Pramac Racing) on a year deal, Johann Zarco salary reported $2 million on his new deal.

Johann Zarco Salary Contract

Currently no details yet released about Johann Zarco salary and contract extension at Pramac Racing, if he signed extension deal details will be provided here later.