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World Men’s Handball Championship Prize Money

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World Handball Championship Prize

The biggest handball tournament held in the first month of 2023 in Poland and Sweden. Currently there is no World Handball Championship prize money announced. But some top international teams will make big money when the return home with gold, silver and bronze medal. These details are estimated, how much each winning national team pay never revealed by the association.

TeamsGold MedalistSilver MedalistBronze MedalistYear
United States$100k$50k$25k2023
Saudi Arabia$150k$75k$50k2023
How Much France Players Earn if the World Championship?

France pay to it’s athlete who performed outstanding in Olympics and International event. As per details if the France national side wins the gold medal each player on France national team will be awarded with purse $25k, if finish second in the competition $15k awarded and if third in the competition $10k to each player. Mostly players and staff donated this money to the charities.

Top Paying Teams if the Wins Golf Medal at World Championship?

United States athletes will earn $100k each if the win the gold medal at world championship, however it’s an estimated amount it may be more than that but not less than $75k per player. The money athletes receive by the national association is tax free. Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia all three nations pay sum of $100k and $100k+ to their players if the win the gold medal in the competition.

If there will be any official announcement for the world handball championship prize money by the organizers back in year 2023 details will be updated.