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UFC Venum Deal Fighters Payout Bonus & Merchandising Sales Share

UFC Venum Deal Fighters Payouts 2021 (Confirmed)

Fight Bouts Per Appearance

Venum Payout Bonus

1-3 Fights


4-10 Fights


11-15 Fights


16-20 Fights


21+ Fights


Title Challenger




Ultimate Fighting Championship did not close their doors for the fans during the covid-19 pandemic, which attract more fans towards the pay-per-view card, recently there is increased in the pay-per-view sales. UFC managed pay-per-view card behind close doors, that impact the popularity of the sports. Venum signed new deal for fighters Uniform which increase the sponsorship bonus for UFC fighters and they will get paid 5% more compare to (Reebook) sponsorship payout deal.

UFC Venum Deal Payouts

According to news sources, the title holders and challengers earn 20% to 30% extra based on merchandise sale. Reebook sponsorship not completely ended fighters do receive bonus, as Reebook still hold footwear deal. A challenger for title earn $32,000 his bonus increased to $80,000 based on merchandise sale and same method of payout for title holder who earn $42,000 payout sponsorship bonus and his payout bonus maximum upto $100k if merchandise sales higher on pay-per-view day. If any changes made to current UFC Venum deal fighters payout bonus details provided here later.