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How Much Tennis Ball & Boys Girls Salaries | How Much They Earn Per Grand-Slam Event (Australian Open, French Open & Wimbledon)

Tennis Ball Boys Girls Salaries

Alongside two tennis players, match referees there are some ball boys and girls who use to help the tennis stars during the game. They were also known as ballkids, ballpersons, or ball boys and ball girls. They don’t make money from working at tennis tournaments worldwide, but still some payout budget adjusted for them. The reason we see these ball boys and ball girls inside the tennis court, they got an opportunity to meet their favorite tennis star. Tennis ball boys and girls salaries revealed.

How Much a Tennis Ball Boy & Girl Earn in Australian Open ?
TournamentBall BoysBall GirlsContract
Australian OpenAUD $250AUD $250N/A

Tennis balls and girls in the top grand-slams such as Australian open won’t earn big money. There are reports that revealed that balls boys, ball-kids and ball girls earn maximum AUD $250. The best thing these ball persons have is that opportunity to watch the playoff’s and finals free.

How Much Tennis Ball Boys & Girls Earn in Wimbledon?
TournamentBall BoysBall GirlsContract

Wimbledon is a major grand-slam of tennis just held after Ronald Garros (French Open). The ball boys and girls who are part of Wimbledon earn £300 estimated. There is no salary for the ball boys and girls in the Wimbledon however they receive stipend – the covering of basic expenses. Beside this, they got free uniforms to wear during the competition.

What is the Tennis Ball Boy and Girl Salary in French Open?
TournamentBall BoysBall GirlsContract
French Open€275€275N/A

No contract and salary for the tennis ball boys and girls for the French Open. However, they have chance to meet-up their favorite tennis player. A source revealed a stipend €275 estimated provide them to cover the basic expenses. Lucky enough, they may get free rackets, tennis outfits from their favorite tennis players.

US Open Tennis Ball Boys & Girls Salary :
TournamentBall BoysBall GirlsContract
US Open$200$200N/A

Just like other grand-slam no salary or bonus awarded to the tennis ball boys and girls. Grand-slam is an opportunity for them to see their favorite super star playing on the tennis court.

The details of tennis ball boys girls salaries updated if they have some official contract in future. Currently it’s a dream job for the tennis fans to meet-up with tennis players, have their autographs or watch the final live from the court.