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Richest Sports In the World | How FIFA World Cup & Super Bowl Impact Football & NFL Yearly Revenue?

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Richest Sports

Sports Industry is now worth of Billion dollars attracting fans worldwide. FIFA World Cup 2022 which is currently going in Qatar, become the most expensive football tournament as per sources worth more $250+ billion dollar. Top sponsorships paying big money to the clubs to retain their sponsorship terms with them, tv channels signed long-term billion dollars deals with leagues worldwide. UFC, WWE, Boxing three most revenue generation combat sports platform during covid-19. UFC listed among richest sports in the world.

#1 : Football : Worth $350 Billion :

FIFA is the main key holder of the football worldwide, the association manager all the major events in the world. Some sources start claiming their numbers that FIFA earn $7.5 billion from the competition. However the numbers were just reported, Qatar spend round about $220 billion for hosting world-cup. World Cup highest prize money tournament worth of $440 as of purse for the teams. The figures and facts based on Football money based on ticket revenue, tv revenue, tournament revenue and global market revenue for the cycle of five years time period. Premier League, LA Liga, Bundesliga, MLS, Ligue 1 top ticket selling leagues in the world main reason why Football generates more revenue compare to other sports in gateway income.

  • FIFA World Cup 2022 : Worth of $220 Billion
  • Prize Money : $440m paid among top 32 teams of the world cup
  • TV Rights Money : $10 billion (worldwide)
  • Global & Marketing Money : $4 billion
  • Tickets & Gateway Revenue : $5 billion
  • Clubs Tournaments : $1.5 billion
  • Branding & Licensing : $200m
  • Football Yearly Revenue : $35 billion

#2 : American Football : Worth of $150 Billion :

The National Football League is one of the most successful and popular sports in America. Recently big tv rights deal with broadcasters, expensive deal with sponsorship including “Superbowl” event made it second most valuable sports in the world. It’s affected for short period of time due to covid-19 but, NFL signed long-term expensive deal with tv channels and streaming services worldwide to make sure teams and league can manage their financial during the season.

  • Super Bowl Revenue : $25m (after covid-19)
  • Prize Money : $1.5m including teams & players shares
  • TV Rights Money : $9 billion (worldwide)
  • Global & Marketing Money : $950m
  • Tickets & Gateway Revenue : $2.5 billion | decreased since 2020 (due to covid-19)
  • Branding & Licensing : $25m (estimated figure)
  • NFL Yearly Revenue : $15 billion

#3 : Basketball : Worth of $80 billion :

National Basketball Association well know as NBA most profitable sports in America. Michael Jordan was the person who initially increased the sport’s global popularity. Recently figures of viewership worldwide for basketball leagues including Spanish League and NBA increased. TV broadcasters from worldwide attract on base of the numbers people subscribe and follow their favorite teams on social media. The figures of fans crossed to millions after covid-19. Top broadcasting channels introduce live stream options for the fans worldwide on cheaper rates.

  • Prize Money (Pool Money) : $15 million (for teams & players)
  • All-Stars Match Revenue : $300m
  • TV Rights Money : $5 billion
  • Global & Marketing Money : $2 billion
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $1.5 billion (a year)
  • Branding & Licensing : $12m
  • NBA Yearly Revenue : $7.5 billion

#4 : Baseball : Worth of $60 Billion :

A single season of MLB generate upto $10 billion a year which makes it one of the most expensive sports alongside NFL, NBA. Big chunk of the money come from the broadcasters local and international. Since, MLB games feature each year and license of and branding of players, teams and leagues logo used, almost $10m to $15m generated from it. EA produced the MLB games like others NFL, NBA.

  • Prize Money (Pool Money) : $60 million (for teams & players)
  • All-Stars Match Revenue : $100m
  • TV Rights Money : $2.5b
  • Global & Marketing Money : $500m
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $560m
  • Branding & Licensing : $10m
  • MLB Yearly Revenue : $9.5 billion

#5 : ICE Hockey : Worth of Billion

One of the most popular sports in Canada and America currently ICE Hockey. NHL is one of the top leagues which generates massive revenue but not only this ICE Hockey world championship also played massive role in the revenue generating. NHL concluded a 10-year contract with NBC that paid $2 billion, or $200 million a year, at the end of last season.

  • Prize Money (Pool Money) : $1m
  • Classic Match Revenue : $30m
  • Stanly Cup Revenue : $5m
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $235m
  • TV Rights Money : $4.5 billion
  • Global & Marketing Money : $235m (estimated)
  • Branding & Licensing : $5m
  • NHL Yearly Revenue : $11 billion

#6 : Boxing : Worth of $20 Billion :

The most money generating sports in the recent few years is boxing. Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez, Ryan Garcia, Conor McGregor and recently YouTube stars turn boxers like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, KSI and Deji increase the popularity of the sports from the streaming media. A single pay-per-view of boxing generate massive revenue now days where promoters signed deal with TV channels and streaming services worldwide. DAZN streaming service mostly profited from the boxing sports.

  • (Mayweather vs McGregor) PPV Revenue : $900m
  • Highest Purse : $300m reported for (Mayweather Jr) fight against McGregor
  • TV Rights Money : $5 billion
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $2.5 billion (a year)
  • Global & Marketing Money : $1 billion
  • Branding & Licensing : $25m
  • Boxing Yearly Revenue : $1 billion

#7 : Formula 1 : Worth of $27 billion

Formula One is one of the best motorsports in the world. Each year a new country makes entry to the F1 calendar. F1 hold most expensive tv contract deal worth $1 billion. A source reported, since 2021 the revenue of the F1 increased from $668m to $775m from tv broadcasts. In 2022 it’s reported F1 generated $744m. Top sponsorship worldwide showing interest to sign-up with F1 teams.

  • F1 Prize Money : $600m
  • TV Rights Money : $1.5 billion (combined worldwide)
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $536m
  • Global & Marketing Money : $350m
  • Branding & Licensing : $6m
  • F1 Yearly Revenue : $850m (predicted for 2023) – $744m in 2022

#8 : Cricket : Worth $15 billion

ICC the main body of the cricket, they are behind successful tournaments worldwide. However, mostly money generated from series between top teams like England, India, Australia, Pakistan New Zealand and South Africa. Recently a major development break the boundaries of revenue, Indian Premier League controlled and administrated by BCCI increase the value of cricket brand to billion dollars. Recently a deal signed between IPL and Sony worth of $1 billion for 10 years.

  • ICC Events Prize Money : 3m
  • Domestic Cricket Leagues : $3.5 billion (IPL, BBL, Natwest & PSL)
  • TV Rights : $4 billion (PSL, IPL, Big Bash & Natwest T20)
  • Global & Marketing Money : $1 billion
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $500m
  • Branding & Licensing : $2.5m
  • Cricket Revenue Yearly : $1 billion

#9 : WWE : Worth of $7 billion

World Wrestling Entertainment one of the most attractive sports for some boxers, kickboxers, mixed martial arts fighters to join. In past few years many UFC fighters make move to WWE and join NXT, Raw and Smackdown platform which shows the popularity of Wrestling in the world. WWE got massive fan following the numbers can be figure from its million of millions fans from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Top tv broadcasters worldwide approached WWE for it’s television rights. However WWE make massive money from top pay-per-views such as Wrestle-Mania upto $30m, SummerSlam ($15m), and Royal Rumble upto maximum $7.5m.

  • PPV Revenues : $3.5 billion
  • Best Contract : Brock Lesnar worth of ($12m)
  • TV Rights : $1 billion (combined worldwide)
  • Global & Marketing Money : $500m
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $375m
  • Branding & Licensing : $50m (Including games, movies and merchandise)
  • WWE Yearly Revenue : $900m

#10 : UFC : Worth of $5 billion

Ultimate Fight Championship turn the tables for athletes and boxers who are looking to make debut with promotion. When all sports getting closed due to covid-19, Dana White decision to take fights behind close doors worked for MMA industry. Fights planned without audience for few months and after few months limited number of audience awarded placements for the live pay-per-view. But during this term huge fan following increased and millions of the fans worldwide subscribe UFC fight pass.

  • PPV Revenues : $2 billion
  • Highest Purse : $6 million (Mcgregor) and (Khabib)
  • TV Rights : $1 billion
  • Global & Marketing Money : $250m (estimated)
  • Tickets & Gateway Income : $350m (estimated)
  • Branding & Licensing : $5m
  • UFC Yearly Revenue : $500m

How Much TV Revenue Impact the Yearly Revenue of Sports?

The reason some sports survived today is the vast broadcasting worldwide. Billion of dollars spend each year by top media channels ESPN, BT Sports, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, and others to get the rights of the major sports events. Currently NFL hold most valuable deals in tv broadcasting, Amazon is paying $1 billion per season for the midweek exclusivity. Disney made sure “Monday Night Football” stayed on ESPN by investing more than the other networks, around $2.7 billion per season. Viacom18 secured the IPL rights until 2027 worth of $3.02 billion which made cricket richest sports alongside F1 in the world.

SportsYearly RevenueTV Rights (a year)Tickets SalesBranding & Licensing
Football$35 billion$10 billion$5 billion$200m
American Football$15 billion$9 billion$2.5 billion$25m
Basketball$7.5 billion$5 billion$1.5 billion$12m
Baseball$9.5 billion$2.5 billion$560m$10m
ICE Hockey$11 billion$4.5 billion$235m$5m
Boxing$1 billion$5 billion$2.5 billion$25m
Formula 1$744m$1.5 billion$536m$6m
Cricket $1 billion$4 billion$500m$2.m
WWE $900m$1 billion$375m$50m
UFC$500m$1 billion$350m$5m
Golf$3.1 billion$3 billion$255m$5m
NASCAR$660m$1 billion$275m$2m

The details regarding to richest sports of the world updated each year. Current figures and data taken from top sources, while some sports data specially based on branding and licensing when it comes game is estimated for (Tennis & Cricket).