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Richest Cricket Boards In the World | How IPL Made BCCI Most Wealthiest Cricket Board?

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Richest Cricket Boards

India, Australia, England, Pakistan and New Zealand five most dominating teams in last five years. All teams need a strong financial background to strengthen their cricket and development programs. BCCI is currently richest cricket boards in the world, control by Indian authorities. IPL and Ranji Trophy the two major domestic leagues key platforms where board generate revenue.

BCCI Revenue : $535 million :

Indian Premier League key reason why BCCI generating more revenue reports revealed back in 2018 and 2020 that shows that IPL brings $250m to $300m a season to the BCCI revenue system. Indian played cricket at home or out of the country generates more than $200m a year now days. One of the largest share to ICC revenue system comes from the BCCI.

  • IPL Revenue – $350m
  • Cricket Series Revenue : $135m (reported) but reached $200m a year in 2023-24
Cricket Australia Revenue : $400 million :

The reported data for cricket Australia hint that (Cricket board of Australia) made revenue upto $475m a year. This include the new deal with television broadcasters and income generated from the Big Bash League. However, when we are talking about Australia cricket revenue, the most money board generated from their cricket team series.

  • Big Bash League Revenue : $100m a year
  • Cricket Series Revenue : $220m a year
ECB Revenue : $375 Million :

England and Wales cricket board third richest in the world. It is affiliated with International Cricket Council and European Cricket Council. The board generated revenue of £303m in year 2021-22 which include money from cricket series men’s and women’s. Mostly sponsored and tv rights deal play key role in the ECB revenue system, ECB hold contract with Sky Sports which will be ended back in 2024 which is worth of $265m. The tv rights contract bring $65m each year to the boards revenue.

Cricket Series Revenue : $250m (including earnings of Ashes Series)

County Cricket : $75m (Including sponsorships, tv rights and gateway income

PCB Revenue : $150 million :

May be for many cricket fans surprising that how Pakistan can be fourth richest board, since the cricket board PCB introduce their cricket league and increase their domestic cricket values, many sponsors back in Pakistan feel safe to ensure deals with them. The first two season of PSL wont bring many fans to the stadiums but after third things turn different almost 5-10k peoples normally attend matches which increase the tv rights money for PSL as well as gateway income generated from tickets.

How Much all Cricket Boards Earn from the Leagues & Series?
  • The 7 members earns most India hold the strong hand with cricket series worth of $135m
  • TV rights deal play key role most of the teams earn from their not mention in the table but including reported data for tv rights money boards earn a year included.
  • India, Australia and England three richest cricket boards currently, Pakistan and Bangladesh close to catch but still they need strong financial sponsorship and tv rights deals.
  • The rev model you can see in the table based on the current status of the teams and leagues held back in 2021-22. Further details of richest cricket board updated in the upcoming year 2023 and 2024.
  • Not all money goes to these boards, ICC assigned a revenue share model by which some equal share and most generated cricket boards revenue distributed.
CountriesBoardsRevenueLeagues ShareSeries ShareYear
AustraliaCricket Australia$400m$100m$220m2022-24
EnglandECB$375m$25m (est)$250m2022-24
New ZealandNZCB$60mnot reported$15m (est)2022-24
South AfricaCSB$58m$30m (2018-19)$20m (est)2022-24
BangladeshBCB$45m$30m (2018-23)$50m (est)2022-24
West IndiesWIB$28m$25m (2021-23)$10m (est)2022-24
Sri LankaSCB$22m$5m (2020-22)$2.5m (est)2022-24
ZimbabweZCB$20mnot reported$2m (est)2022-24
IrelandCricket Ireland$10mnot reported$1.5m (est)2022-24
ScotlandCricket Scotland$10mnot reported$1.5m (est)2022-24
AfghanistanACB$3.5m$1.2m (2018-19)$1.5m (est)2022-24

Further details based on cricket board revenues from the 2023-24 year updated here later. Since many cricket leagues and ICC cricket world cup 2023 held next year the details of richest cricket boards updated later.