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PGA Tour Golf Caddies Salaries

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PGA Tour Caddies Salaries

PGA Tour events take place each year, golfers worldwide awarded with prize money of million dollars each year. A golf caddie earn maximum $2 million from one golf season. A sports portal recently revealed that golf caddie earn share 10% from the prize money. When golf player earn $2.5 million to $1.5 million winning prize in major PGA tour, his golf caddie receive share of ($250k) which is 10% of his prize money. The details regarding to PGA tour golf caddies salaries taken from trusted sources.

PGA Tour Golf Caddie Salary

Professional Caddies


Prize Money Share

Sponsorship Bonus

1st Place



2nd Place



3rd Place



4th Place



5th Place



There are no details yet released about how much rookie golf caddies earn. If there will be any changes made to PGA tour caddies salaries details updated later.

How Much Golf Caddie Earn in PGA Tour


Golfers Prize Money

Caddies Share

1st Place

$2.5 million

$250,000 (10% winning golfer prize share)

2nd Place


$68,040 (8% runner-up golfers prize share)

3rd Place


$47,600 (7% 3rd place golfers prize share)