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NHL Winter Classic Prize Money | How Much It will Generate from Gateway Income from Venue with Capacity of 37k?

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NHL Winter Classic Money

The upcoming NHL Winter Classic event for year 2023 confirmed. The match will be held on 2nd January 2023 at Fenway Park where at one time 37k people attend the match however the venue hold record 42k people at one time. Since the covid-19 restrictions were not like the past two years we will see massive crowed gathering for this big game. Pittsburgh Penguins will come head to head with Boston Bruins. The winning team players awarded with NHL Winter Classic prize money.

StandingsPrize MoneyTicket SharePlayers Pool Money
Runner UpN/A25%$600k
2nd Round Knockout$20,000N/AN/A
1st Round Knockout$10,000N/AN/A
Gateway Income$5m + $15m from (online & tv sales subscriptions)
How much the winners of Winter Classic earn?

So far there are no official announcement made for the finalist prize money, however a UK media source reported that teams earn share from the gateway income. The share of both teams reported 25% each which means 50% gateway income given went to players pool money if figures claimed to be true.

  • The numbers claimed last years with limited audience due to covid-19, $20k for winners and $10k for runner-ups.
  • Since the situation of covid-19 is under-control which means there will be huge crowed to witness the match, which means teams wont earn less than $75k which is equally distributed.
  • Winning team players awarded with $50k each player share and runner-ups awarded $25k each player share.

Further details regarding to the NHL Winter Classic prize money for year 2023 reported later. If the details released officially by the NHL, prize money updated here.