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Indian Premier League Cheerleaders Salaries | Sponsorship Earnings | How Much They Earn Per Match?

IPL Cheerleaders Salaries

The Indian Premier League re-introduce the Cheerleader staff this year. It’s confirmed that cheerleading girls will be back in action. Last year 2022, The rising cases of covid-19 is one of the reasons that Cheerleaders not part of the season. But since the things turn to normal regarding to covid-19, cheerleaders joined the IPL teams. IPL cheerleaders salaries, bonuses and extra bonuses reported.

Cheerleaders SquadsPer Match FeesBonusesYear
Chennai Super Kings Cheerleaders$500$5k2023
Delhi Capitals Cheerleaders$500$5k2023
Kolkata Knight Riders Cheerleaders$750$5k2023
Lucknow Super Giants Cheerleaders$500$5k2023
Mumbai Indians Cheerleaders$750$5k2023
Punjab Kings Cheerleaders$750$5k2023
Rajasthan Royals Cheerleaders$750$5k2023
Royal Challengers Bangalore Cheerleaders$750$5k2023
Sunrisers Hyderabad Cheerleaders$500$5k2023
Gujarat Titans Cheerleaders$500$5k2023
How Much IPL Cheerleaders Salaries for the season 2023?

IPL cheerleaders earnings a good money per match now days. There are some sports portal reported that cheerleaders earn $100 to $150 per match, this data is reported back in year 2010. The IPL cheerleaders not earning less than $500 a match for the performance on each four, six and wicket.

What is the Impact of Bollywood on IPL Cheerleaders?

Shahrukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Juhi Chawla, Preity Zinta these are the top celebrities who are owners of IPL teams or co-owned alongside other. There reports claims that many times IPL cheerleaders performed at IPL award show, parties and award shows. In year 2016, the same report claimed that cheerleaders who got chance to perform at Bollywood award shows, or parties they earn more compare to regular.

Royal Challengers Bangalore cheerleaders salaries in IPL 2023
Image credit | Gumpicsor Blog

Royal Challengers Bangalore cheerleaders earn between $500 to $750 per match. The RCB cheerleaders will also return to the IPL season 2023.

KKR Cheerleaders Salaries
Image credit | Gumpicsor.Blogspot.Com

KKR cheerleaders earn $750 per match their earnings compare to other cheerleaders more as they also appear with their team owner Shahrukh Khan at some Bollywood award show.

Mumbai Indian cheerleaders salaries $750
Image credit | Gumpicsor Blog

Mumbai Indian cheerleaders also get paid good salary per match they earn $700 to $750 per match. There are no reports that either they got selected for IPL award shows or any other award shows related to film industry.

Rajasthan Royals cheerleaders salaries $750
Image credit | Gumpicsor Blog

Rajasthan Royals cheerleaders are also listed among the highest paid cheerleaders of India, they also earn more than $500 per match in IPL.

What Benefits these IPL cheerleaders have?

Currently no details yet announced either these girls are full time or part time cheerleaders however the reports regarding to them claim these girls earn per match fees.

  • Gets the chance to earn sponsorship
  • Free parking tickets
  • Free food and accommodations
  • Free tickets to watch the matches

Further details regarding to the IPL cheerleaders salaries, how much the earn per match, did they hold contract with IPL teams will be updated here later. No reports regarding to their share in IPL prize money.