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How Much Dakar Rally Generate Revenue Each Year? How Much it Impact services sector of hosting nations?

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Dakar Rally Revenue

In 2013, the first report based on Dakar Rally revenue generate revealed. According to details, the sources claimed that Dakar Rally will generate worth more $800m from Peru. The basic observation of revealed report is about how the Dakar fans can accommodate in hotels, stores, restaurants in the country. The report further claimed that Dakar Rally will generate $500m for international purposes and $250m in services sector. How much Dakar Rally generate revenue when it reaches Saudi Arabia back in 2020.

What is the main source of Dakar Rally revenue?

Since it’s an international race event there are big sponsorships who are waiting to affiliated with the race. No official details how much sponsorship invested with Dakar Rally each year but as per reports based on estimated revenue, $5m partnership with Honda, $3m partnership with tire makers (BFGoodrich) brings it among one of the wealthiest desert races in the world.

How Dakar Rally helps the local businesses & sponsors?

It’s one of the known races in the world, fans worldwide travel to witness the biggest race in the world live. It’s the golden time period for the restaurants, shops and hotels in which country race take place. If we go with the reports of 2013 based on Peru Dakar Rally, which is based on 50k tourists including 3,200 pilots, mechanics and assistants from 55 countries, Businesses can expect to earn somewhere $150m season.

  • Local Business Generate : $150m maximum based on top hospitalities services.
How Much total money Dakar Rally Generate Each Season?

Dakar Rally the biggest race in the world, generates revenue $700m a year as per sources but is it still generating that much amount here are some of the past events financial status estimated on the base of 2013 reported data for the Dakar Rally.

Hosting NationsRevenue a YearInternational promotionServices SectorYear
Paraguay$400m (est)$350m$50m2017
Peru$550m (est)$400m$150m2018
Peru$500m (est)$400m$100m2019
Saudi Arabia$300m (est)$275m$25m2020
Saudi Arabia$325m (est)$300m$25m2021
Saudi Arabia$800m (est)$650m$150m2022
Saudi Arabia$800m (est)$675m$175m2023
  • In year 2020, allot of sports organization suffer massive loss due to the covid-19 there are travel restriction specially when it comes to Arab countries. Saudi Arabi strict about the covid-19 measures and they make sure the evets held behind close doors.
  • Which will be a key reason that Saudi Arabia Dakar Rally wont generate more than $300m to $325m during the term of 2020 and 2021. However the official figures are not out the details you will is estimated may be Dakar generated more than this or less than this.

Sponsorship and TV rights deal is the key place for the Dakar from where it earning millions in past few years. Further details regarding to Dakar Rally prize money, drivers and riders salaries, tv channels deals and sponsorship reported here.