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Highest Paid WWE Divas | How Much They Earn Per Year From the Contracts (WWE Smack Down & WWE Raw)

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Highest Paid WWE Divas

WWE recently improved the salaries of the Wrestlers and Divas who are working for the franchises. Since covid-19 hit sports industry, many male and female wrestlers salaries were decrease or they have to accept pay-cut. Ronda Rousey who hold expensive contract in the start of her career in WWE, currently earning $2.5m while second most popular contract holder in Divas category is Becky Lynch who earn $1.5m. Highest Paid WWE Divas and their contract details reported, however any new female wrestler join and earn more than these current divas details provided here later.

#1: Ronda Rousey : Base Salary $2.5 million :

Ronda Rousey Contract WWE

Ronda Rousey is currently highest paid WWE diva. She signed contract with WWE worth of $2.5m a year. Rousey stay in-active from year 2020-21. However, the toughest women wrestler back in action in year 2022 and become the Smack Down women’s champion.

  • Ronda Rousey earn $1m to $3m per fight in UFC, She made $3m from the fight with Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 further pay-per-view share not revealed.

#2: Becky Lynch : Base Salary $1.5 million :

Becky Lynch Salary 2022

Becky Lynch is active since 2013, she worked for 2 years in WWE NXT before making her way to the other platforms such as Smack Down and Raw. Lynch currently list as highest paid WWE diva, as she hold contract worth of $1.5m a year.

#3: Charlotte Flair : Base Salary $1 million :

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair, become most popular WWE diva and most search online diva during year 2020-21. Flair currently hold contract worth of $1 million but this does not include sponsorship, endorsements, and merchandise sale share.

#4: Alexa Bliss : Base Salary $500,000 :

Alexa Bliss career salary

Alexa Bliss, currently working with WWE network since 2013. She made her debut from NXT. Her current contract with WWE worth of $500k a year. She is three time WWE Raw Women’s Champion and in 2018 create history after winning main ppv event of (Money in the Bank).

#5: Asuka : Base Salary $500,000 :

Asuka highest paid asian female wrestler

Kanako Urai professional women wrestler from Japan. Well known as “Asuka” after joining WWE, she is among the WWE divas who earned huge fame in short period of time. As per sources, Asuka currently making $500k a year in WWE with her contract.

#6: Liv Morgan : Base Salary $350,000 :

Liv Morgan base salary 2022

The 28 year old, Liv Morgan working in WWE since 2014 from NXT franchise. She rise to famer after moving to Smack Down. She worked four years in “Total Divas” from 2015-19. Her current contract with WWE worth of $350k a year.

#7 : Shayna Baszler : Base Salary $300,000 :

Shayna Baszler is well known for her work in mixed martial arts, kick-boxing. However now day’s she is one of the most popular female wrestler in WWE hold contract with them since 2013. Baszler currently $300k a year.

#8 : Sasha Banks : Base Salary $300,000 :

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, who is well known as “Sasha Banks” currently hold contract with WWE and active. She signed deal according to which Sasha makes $300k a year not including her ppv bonuses, sponsorship and other merchandise sales.

#9 : Sonya Deville : Base Salary $250,000 :

Sonya Deville 2022

Daria Rae Berenato professional women wrestler from America. She currently working with WWE hold contract with Organization. She is part of the Smackdown story line and her current reported salary for the year 2022 ($250k) a year.

#10 : Bianca Belair : Base Salary $200,000 :

Bianca Belair salary in wwe

Bianca Belair, the 33 year old earn huge fame in WWE. She is currently on contract worth of $200k a year but this did not include her other earnings from Total Divas appearance’s, pay-per-view and sponsorship money. Bianca Belair joins the list of highest paid wwe divas she may earn more from next year from her new contract.

DivasBase SalaryPPV ShareMerchandise ShareContract
Ronda Rousey$2.5m20%5%2023
Becky Lynch$1.5m20%5%2023
Charlotte Flaire$1m10%5%2023
Alexa Bliss$500kN/A2%2024
Liv Morgan$350kN/AN/A2024
Shayna Baszler$300kN/AN/A2023
Sasha Banks$300kN/A3%2023
Sonya Deville$250kN/A2%2023
Bianca Belair$200kN/AN/A2023

Some of the wrestling divas do get paid from pay-per-view share. If the pay-per-view sales increase more than expected. However WWE provide more facilities than some other wrestling franchise that attracts more women’s towards it. Free food, travel, visa and insurance for the wrestlers if they got injured. Ronda Rouse currently earning $5.5m including sponsorship, endorsement and salary. The details you see in the above table include only her current contract base salary. More about highest paid wwe divas updated next year.