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Highest Paid BKFC Fighters | How Much They Earn Per Fight Including (Potential Bonus)

Highest Paid BKFC Fighters

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is one of the rising sports in America, there are many fighters, boxers and ex-wrestlers associated with top promotion looking forward to join the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Recently a reported regarding to a fighter Mike Perry revealed that he earns 7 times more than he earns in UFC. Official the figures maximum claimed by the promotion so far is $250k however some fighters may received potential bonus and they may potential bonus clause in their contracts. Who are the highest paid BKFC fighters?

How Much Top Fighters Earn Based on Their Contract with BKFC?

The first contract reported in the media is UFC mega star fighter (Paige Van Zant) according to the source she earn $200k per fight for her four fights contract which makes her top paid women fighter in BKFC. Now there are more fighters salary figures reported including Luke Rockhold, Chad Mendes and Eddie Alvarez all of them earn more than $150k+ per fight.

Mike Perry BKFC 41 Salary

Mike Perry

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $250k
Potential Bonus : $500k (estimated)

If the potential bonus for the fighters is true, Mike Perry is currently highest paid fighter in BKFC with contract worth more than $200k+. He recently dominated opponent Luke Rockhold at BKFC 41 pay-per-view.

Luke Rockhold BKFC 41 Salary

Luke Rockhold

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $200k
Potential Bonus : not reported

Luke Rockhold is back in action this time with promotion BKFC, he earned guaranteed purse of $200k, the figure is estimated he may earn more than this. BKFC promoters never revealed how much they pay to their top fighters.

Eddie Alvarez Earnings BKFC 41

Eddie Alvarez

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $200k
Potential Bonus : not reported

He is a pro mixed martial arts fighter competed in top promotion such as BellatorMMA and UFC. He recently signed-up with BKFC where his purse per fight reported $200k.

Paige VanZant BKFC Earnings

Paige VanZant

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $200k
Potential Bonus : not reported

She is one of the highest paid fighter back in BKFC, as per reports she earned $200k per fight. Since joining BKFC in 2021, she fight twice and suffer defeat in both fights. Rachel Ostovich and Britain Hart both defeated VanZant.

Pearl Gonzalez BKFC Earnings

Pearl Gonzalez

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $40k
Potential Bonus : not reported

Lorenzo Hunt Career in BKFC

Lorenzo Hunt

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $100k
Potential Bonus : not reported

Lorenzo Hunt become the most popular fighter in BKFC with 10 fights, he won nine of his fights while lost 1 against Gustavo Trujillo. In starting of his BKFC career he earned guaranteed purse $5k per fight and now based on expiernce and contract his earnings increased $100k estimated.

Alan Belcher Career Earnings

Alan Belcher

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $150k
Potential Bonus : not reported

The 39 year old is professional mixed martial arts fighter recently turned pro BKFC fighter and hold contract with BKFC promotion, since he got selected for the main-card fights he earn guaranteed $150k per fight.

Gustavo Trujillo BKFC Earnings

Gustavo Trujillo

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $75k
Potential Bonus : not reported

Gustavo Trujillo who made pro debut in BKFC in year 2022 February currently earning $75k per fight.

Greg Hardy Jr Career in BKFC

Greg Hardy Jr

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $100k
Potential Bonus : not reported

The 34 year old Greg Hardy Jr also joins the BKFC promotion. There are multiple reports about his earnings in BKFC, most of the sources claimed he made $100k for the fight against Josh Watson in debut.

Ben Rothwell BKFC Earnings 2023

Ben Rothwell

Contract : 2023
Per Fight Earnings : $75k
Potential Bonus : not reported

Ben Rothwell earned huge success in the BKFC, his earnings increased from $60k per fight $75k after winning back to back fight in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. He defeated Josh Copeland at BKFC 41.

Fighters that were part of the top MMA promotion like Strikeforce, BellatorMMA, UFC, PFL and others earn more. Mike Perry, Luke Rochold, Paige VanZant and Chad Mendes top fighters who performed at UFC and earned contract where they make $250k+ which include potential bonus.

  • Fighters who got selected for the main-card in the pay-per-view earn between $10k to $250k.
  • Those who got selected for the preliminary fight card earn between $1.5k to $5k per fight.
  • The top fighters like Paige VanZant, Corey Anderson, Tyron Woodley, Kevin Lee, Mike Perry, and Chad Mendes, claiming greater earnings outside UFC.
  • Since the popularity of BKFC start increasing, we may see in future pay-per-view revenue share for some fighters.
FightersPer Fight PursePotential BonusContract
Mike Perry$250k$500k (estimated)2023
Arnold Adams$250knot reported2023
Luke Rockhold$200knot reported2023
Paige VanZant$200knot reported2023
Chad Mendes$150k$300k (estimated)2023
Eddie Alvarez$200knot reported2023
Alan Belcher$150knot reported2023
Lorenzo Hunt$100knot reported2023
Mike Richman$100knot reported2023
Luis Palomino$100knot reported2023
Greg Hardy$100knot reported2023
Bec Rawlings$100k (estimated)not reported2023
Gustavo Trujillo$75knot reported2023
Ben Rothwell$75knot reported2023
Reggie Barnett$75knot reported2023
Frank Tate$70knot reported2023
Christine Ferea$60knot reported2023
Britain Hart$60knot reported2023
Joey Beltran$60knot reported2023
Pearl Gonzalez$40knot reported2023
Taylor Starling$40knot reported2023
Louie Lopez$30knot reported2023
Rachel Ostovich$30knot reported2023
Some of the fighters salary figures were estimated as they were part of the main-card BKFC promotion hike fighters pay after the fights.

BKFC 28 is the only pay-per-view where fighters salaries were revealed officially. That pay-per-view indicate how much preliminary fight card fighters and main-card fighters earn. In one of the interview, Paige VanZant quote “I am earning $40k per fight and $40k as of win bonus and now once i began career at BKFC i am earning 10 times more than that”. Paige VanZant highest paid BKFC fighter in women’s category. The details regarding highest paid BKFC fighters updated after each month.