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Handball Referees Salaries | How Much They Earn Per Year & International Competition?

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Handball Referees Salaries

Handball is now among the rising sports in the World. In past few years European teams increased their interest in the game. EHF champions league one of the rising handball league where best team from Europe participate. Handball match official play key role to keep the game fair. But how much handball referees salaries per year and how much they make when they appear in the top competition such world handball championship.

How Many Officials Part of Handball Match?

There are four active match official during the game, the two official selected as match referees, one hold the job of score keeper and fourth is time-keeper. These referees are positioned diagonally on court to observe a side line each and, depending on who is attacking, one is called field referee and the other goal referee. Official during the game communicate through whistle, they have 18 hand signals. The referees have same kind options like football match officials, such as yellow and red card to consider fouls and or warn a player.

What Money Match Official Earn from International Competition?

The official details and contract terms of handball referees never revealed by the organization they are affiliated. However, per match salary, sponsorship bonus match official earn reported or estimated by the top money survey magazine.

CompetitionMatch RefereesTime KeeperScore Keepers
World Men’s Handball Championship$1.5k$1.5k$1.5k
European Handball Championship$1.5k$1.5k$1.5k
African Handball Championship$750$750$750
Pan American Men’s Handball Championship$900$900$900
Asian Men’s Handball Championship$500$500$500
Olympic Handball Event$2k$2k$2k
Asian Games Handball Event$750$750$750

Details how much handball referees earn in the international matches is equal for both men and women referees. The best referees from worldwide competition got selected for these major events. Olympic handball match officials earn most money

How Much a Professional Handball Referee Earn?

In 2018, for the first report revealed about how much handball referees earn, according to reported data, handball referee earn $1k per match in international event. When the handball referees selected for the top handball leagues around the world they used to earn $500 a match.

Ref’s CategoryPer Match FeesTournament PayoutsAnnual Earnings
Match Referees$1.5k$7k$100k
Score Keeper$1.5k$7k$100k
Time Keeper$1.5k$7k$100k
What Handball Official Earns from Leagues?

The leagues have different system for the match official, all three categories referees take part in the handball season. Full-time, part-time and entry level, there is huge difference handball match officials salaries in the worldwide handball league. Some handball league organizations pay maximum $1k a match official, while in some countries handball referee earn $250 per match.

CountryMen (Per Match)Women (Per Match)Travel Costs

European countries currently paying highest money to the match officials based on their contracts. The details were revealed on official platform however, if in future handball referees men or women salaries increased details provided here later.

Sponsorship Bonuses :

There are sponsorship trademark on the handball referee’s kits, for which they get bonus based on estimated survey and report released about handball referees earning in top leagues and competition, they are making $2.5k to $10k maximum from it.

Handball referees salaries were reported, in future if there will be hike more details will be added including per match fees and tournament remuneration.