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How Much Each Football Player Earn from FIFA World Cup Prize Money?

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Football Players Share World Cup Prize

FIFA World Cup 2022 completed. Argentina crowned to be the champions after toughest world cup final with France. The result of the match decided on penalties. Football players may not get paid salary for playing for their national side but they do receive some share from the prize money teams received. How much each team players get paid, how much money national side distributed among the players. Football players share in world cup prize money revealed.

TeamsPrize MoneyPlayers PoolShareEach Player PurseStandings
Qatar$10.5m$3.5m30%$135k Group Stage
Ecuador$10.5m$3.5m30%$135k Group Stage
Iran$10.5m$5.25m50%$202kGroup Stage
Wales$10.5m$3.5m30%$135k Group Stage
Mexico$10.5m$3.5m30%$135k Group Stage
Saudi Arabia$10.5m$10.5m100%$404kGroup Stage
Tunisia$10.5m$3.5m30%$135k Group Stage
Denmark$10.5m$5.25m50%$202kGroup Stage
Germany$10.5m$3.5m30%$135kGroup Stage
Costa Rica$10.5m$3.5m30%$135kGroup Stage
Belgium$10.5m$7.9m75%$304kGroup Stage
Canada$10.5m$7.9m75%$304kGroup Stage
Cameroon$10.5m$3.5m30%$135kGroup Stage
Uruguay$10.5m$3.5m30%$135kGroup Stage
Ghana$10.5m$3.5m30%$135kGroup Stage
Serbia$10.5m$5.25m50%$202kGroup Stage
USA$14.5m$10.5m75%$403kRound of 16
Australia$14.5m$4.35m30%$168kRound of 16
Japan$14.5m$10.5m75%$403kRound of 16
South Korea$14.5m$4.35m30%$168kRound of 16
Senegal$14.5m$4.35m30%$168kRound of 16
Poland$14.5m$4.35m30%$168kRound of 16
Spain $14.5m$7.25m50%$279kRound of 16
Switzerland$14.5m$10.5m75%$403kRound of 16
Netherlands$18.5m$5.5m30%$212kQuarter Finalist
Portugal$18.5m$5.5m30%$212kQuarter Finalist
Brazil$18.5m$5.5m30%$212kQuarter Finalist
England$18.5m$5.5m30%$212kQuarter Finalist
Morocco$24.5m$12.5m50%$480k4th Place
Croatia$28.5m$14.25m40%$548k3rd Place
  • The information for the finalist teams reported 30% each player of the runner-ups and winner team earn.
  • Saudi Arabia defeat Argentina in group stage and news rumors of each player going to get a expensive car after the win which are still rumor, but as far as prize money the players might get all.
  • Most of the teams hold the prize money with their football boards which will be later used for development purpose but players received share from the purse teams in world cup receive in group stages, quarter finals and round of 16.
  • Some national sides figures were estimated, Iran players don’t get paid as much as other football teams so mostly earn from national events like this.
How Much Winning Team Players Earn in FIFA World Cup?

Since the team of Argentina win’s the world cup each player in the squad will get paid $538k from the pool money reported to be shared with players ($14.25m) from $47.5m.

What will be the share of Runner-ups team players in FIFA World Cup?

Since it’s France, the share will remain constant 30% of the prize money which is $10.5m each player of 26 person squad receive share ($385k). But if team like Morocco, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, or United States made to the finals and win the competition complete prize money might distributed among the players however, still these teams share more than some other competitor teams based on their team performance.