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FIH Hockey World Cup Prize Money | How Much Nations Paid Players Pool Bonus If Win Gold, Silver and Bronze?

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Hockey World Cup Prize

The 15th edition of FIH Hockey World Cup “Men’s” competition announced it will take place in India. All matches played between 13 January to 29th January 2023. There will be 16 teams that were participating from worldwide. India, the hosting nation put their best players for the mega event looking to challenge Australia, Netherlands, Argentina and Belgium for the title. FIH Hockey World Cup prize money not revealed but teams bonus confirm for players.

TeamsGold Medal BonusSilver Medal BonusBronze Medal BonusYear
India$20k $15k$10k2023
AustraliaAUD $10kAUD $7kAUD $5k2023
South Africa $10k$7k$3k2023
New Zealand$10k$7k$4k2023
How Much Do Winners FIH Hockey World Cup Winners Earn?

There is no FIH Hockey World Cup prize money, however each nation will support their players who bring gold, silver or bronze medal. As per sources each player on the Indian hockey team, will earn guaranteed $20k for winning gold medal, $15k for winning silver medal and $10k for bronze medal. Another team who offered players such prizes, did not qualified for the mega event is (Pakistan) they pay $5k each player for winning gold, $3k for silver and $1.5k each player for bronze medal.

  • Australia do paid to their hockey players if the win the major event. If the Australian team managed to win the FIH World Cup 2023, each player will be awarded AUD $10k, if finish runner-ups they will receive share of each AUD $7k and AUD $5k if team finished for the bronze medal place.
  • Malaysian players were the best paid, if they reach final winning result brought $25k to each player account, runner-ups they will earn $15k and third place in the competition means $10k for each player.
  • The defending champions Belgium each player awarded with guaranteed bonus of $15k each if win gold, winning silver bring $10k to each player account and $7k for winning bronze medal

Some teams players bonuses for gold, silver and bronze are estimated figures based on how much these nations paid to the athletes for winning medal in Olympics. Argentina, England, South Africa, Japan and South Korea never revealed how much they pay to players if the bring any of three medals. If the details regarding to FIH Hockey World Cup prize money announced during the event or after it, the information provided here later.