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ICC Cricket Umpires Salaries | How Much Match Referees Earn? What Kind of Contracts Awarded to Them?

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ICC Cricket Umpires Salaries

Umpires and match referees play important role in the cricket matches. Their single decision turn the game specially in T20 and ODI matches because it’s completed with in a day. In past few years, many changes to the umpires rules and regulation made by the ICC which not only help them to take decision but to make sure nothing went wrong with their decision on the field and outside of the field. ICC cricket umpires salaries reported back in 2012.

How Much Elite Panel Umpires Salaries In Cricket?

There are multiple reports claiming that Elite Umpires earnings, some stated that umpires do get paid only per match fees. However, a report back in February 2022 revealed that elite umpires earn maximum $400k based on their seniority or those who got more experienced. Aleem Dar, Marais Erasmus, Joel Wilson, Kumar Dharmasena mostly seen in the ICC events.

UmpiresBase SalaryPanelBonusContract
Aleem Dar $400kElite$10,0002023
Christopher Gaffaney$400kElite$10,0002023
Kumar Dharmasena$400kElite$10,0002023
Marais Erasmus$400kElite$10,0002023
Michael Gough$400kElite$10,0002023
Nitin Menon$400kElite$10,0002023
Paul Reiffel$400kElite$10,0002023
Richard Illingworth$400kElite$10,0002023
Richard Kettleborough$400kElite$10,0002023
Rodney Tucker$400kElite$10,0002023
Joel Wilson$400kElite$10,0002023
Ahmad Shah Pakteen$220kInternationalN/A2023
Shawn Craig$220kInternationalN/A2023
Sharfuddoula Ibne Shahid$220kInternationalN/A2023
Alex Wharf$220kInternationalN/A2023
Anil Chaudhary$220kInternationalN/A2023
Roland Black$220kInternationalN/A2023
Chris Brown$220kInternationalN/A2023
Ahsan Raza$220kInternationalN/A2023
Shaun George$220kInternationalN/A2023
Lyndon Hannibal$220kInternationalN/A2023
Leslie Reifer$220kInternationalN/A2023
Iknow Chabi$220kInternationalN/A2023

What type contracts awarded to ICC Umpires?

There are two types of contracts for ICC Cricket Umpires, International and Elite Panel. Elite contracts only awarded top match umpires who become officials of top series during cricket calendar. International contracts, holders who were recently promoted to the referees panel with just 2-3 years experienced.

How Much Match Referee in a Cricket Match Earn?

However the contracts for match referees also same, elite panel and international contracts. A match referee at the of the year with hold elite contract earn guaranteed salary upto $375k that not include any bonuses because no reports revealed about match referees bonuses from the tournament and events hold by ICC sponsorship. Umpires on the field got bit advantage as they have sponsorships on their shirts and caps.

New entry match referees do get paid only if they got selected most of the referees who hold contract with ICC earn per match fees.

RefereesBase SalaryPanelContract
David Boon$375kElite2023
Chris Broad$375kElite2023
Jeffrey Crowe$375kElite2023
Ranjan Madugalle$375kElite2023
Andrew Pycroft$375kElite2023
Richie Richardson$375kElite2023
Javagal Srinath$375kElite2023
Hamim Talwar$65kInternational
Bob Stratford$65kInternational
Akhtar Ahmad$65kInternational
Phil Whitticase$65kInternational
Manu Nayar$65kInternational
Graham McCrea$65kInternational
Gary Baxter$65kInternational
Ali Naqvi$65kInternational
Shaid Wadvalla$65kInternational
Graeme La Brooy$65kInternational
Reon King$65kInternational
Emmanuel Dube$65kInternational

What major benefits Umpires & Referees in Cricket do have?

  • Travel Fee & Accommodation : The match umpires and referees do get free accommodation for the international series. However reports regarding to travel fees not revealed yet but in sports, match officials do get some revenue for travel expenses.
  • Sponsorship Payments : Since the elite contract holders umpires earn guaranteed sponsorship money, current sponsor we can see is “Fly Emirates” and as per news sources $10k paid to the umpires bonus money as of sponsorship.
  • Insurance : A five day long match is not an easy task, umpires can suffer health issues specially when the weather is hot. A source reported that umpires get health insurance which means they can have access to free medical procedure.
  • Jobs after retirement : Elite level of umpires once get retired may get call-up from the ICC officials, because they are well aware of the top priority games.

The figures for match referees and ICC Cricket umpires salaries won’t be remain same, the details for the match official updated once ICC announced the new panel for the match umpires in the upcoming year. The contracts will be ended back in 2023.