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Boxing Referees Salaries | How Much They Earn for High Profile Fight? What Will be their PPV Share Bonus?

Boxing Referees Salaries

Boxing is most popular sports in the world. Recently there are big changes made to the boxing rules and regulations. To make fair decisions during the fights, the boxing associations worldwide selected a panel of referees that plays important role as match officials. But how much boxing referees salaries when they joined the panel or work with boxing federations for long-period of time.

How Much A boxing referee earn per fight?

A report revealed, according to which a pro referee or entry-level referee when got selected for the under-card fight or early preliminary fight he will earn guaranteed purse per fight ($300). As per report, if the venue is based on more than 5000 crowed limit the ref’s purse increased to $800 if less than 5k crowed limit the ref earn $300.

Under-card PPV Attendance Box Ref Salary
5000 or Less Crowed$300 a fight
Crowed more than 5000$800k a fight
How much Boxing Ref’s Earn when they part of title fights?

When the match referees got select for the title fight, as per revealed report they earnings calculated based on fight purses. If they are part of the fight, which purse reported $100k the match official earn guaranteed $750 for that fight. If the title fight purse reported upto $500k he will earn salary worth of $1.5k for the fight. They earn this match salary when the are part of the boxing pay-per-view event associated with World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, World Boxing Organization, and International Boxing Federation.

Title Fights WorthRef’s Share (Purse)Bonus
Fight Purse Worth $100k$750N/A
Fight Purse Worth $500k$1.5kN/A
Worth of the Fight $1m$2.8kN/A
High Profile Fight Worth $10m$50k$10k
Mostly long-term contract referees get paid heavy amounts for high profile fights worth of $50k a fight.
Highest Paid Boxing Referees | Currently Active :

Kenny Bayless

Current Status : Active

He is a professional referee part of the top fights pay-per-view events earn more than $500k in a year. Bayless earn maximum purse share as match referee upto $50k and including bonuses from the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Marcus McDonnell

Current Status : Active

Marcus McDonnell seen in big fights that will held in UK he recently part of the Anthony Joshua and Jermain Franklin pay-per-view and as per reports he earned more than $10k from the fight as purse of boxers reported more than $10m.

Adalaide Byrd

Current Status : Active

The biggest pay-per-view between Mayweather and McGregor take place in boxing history which breaks all previous ppv sales record, Adalaide Byrd is match official of the fight and as per reports he earned guaranteed purse share of $50k and more than $10k from ppv bonuses.

RefereesPer Fight WageHigh Profile Fight PayPPV BonusesContract EarningsContract
Kenny Bayless$10k$50k$10k$500k2023
Marcus McDonnell$10k$25k$10k$375k2023
Mark Lyson$7k$25k$10k$400k2023
Samuel Burgos$10k$50k$10k$425k2023
Ray Corona$5k$25k$5k$375k2023
Joe Cortez$5k$25k$5k$350k2023
Daniel Van de Wiele$10k$50k$10k$500k2023
Adalaide Byrd$10k$25k$10k$375k2023
highest paid boxing referees salaries were based on their contracts and experienced.

Contract Based Match Officials : The match officials hold contract with boxing association and works with promotion when they do exhibition bouts earn more money. Recently a new trend of exhibition bout between, social media stars, celebrities boxing fight increased when the match officials selected for it they generate more than $5k from these bouts.

  • Match officials got free per day meal allowance, travel allowance and trip travelling allowance.
  • If the fight take place in the same country, city of the match officials they get free parking tickets.
  • The report regarding to match referees revealed that if the event is called-off the match officials received a specific sum of money from promoters.

Senior Referees Pay Scale : The most popular one and selected for the most main-event fights are the Senior referees they have experienced of years in boxing and well known with rules and regulation. Got strong hold on their boxing knowledge to take quick decisions. They earn more than $500k a year now since the introduction exhibition bouts.

Entry-Level Boxing Referees Pay : These officials were called for the early preliminary fights, preliminary fights and undcard fights and earn maximum $800 and lowest reported $300 a fight only. Most of them were part-time referees they were under development program and only got selected based on their knowledge, decision and training.

Further Details regarding to Boxing Referees salaries and purses they earn from boxing will reported here. If there will be any hike to the boxing referees earnings details will be updated here later.