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Boxing Judges Salaries | Share from Purse | How Much They Earn from Promoters If Fight Cancelled?

Boxing Judges Salaries

A boxing judge is one of the key member during boxing fight, he is the one who judge the results of the match. Currently there three judges in each boxing match who are watching the fight counting the punches thrown by the boxers and to estimate who had more number of punches during the round. At the end of the match boxing judges provide their score cards to the referees that will later decide the winner if the of the fight. Here we find some interesting details about boxing judges salaries and how much they earn per fight.

How Much A Boxing Judge Earn Per Fight?
Venue CapacityFees for the fight
More than 5000 People$850
Less than 5000 People$350

There is a reported based on boxing judges pay-scale revealed back in year 2019, according to it a boxing judge earn maximum $500 if the crowed attendance is more than 5k people in year 2019. If the attendance ratio is decrease more than 5k people then a judge earn maximum $200 a fight.

How Much Boxing Judges Earnings For High Profile Fights?

The big pay-per-view fights bring big earnings to their accounts, a judge in a high profile fight earn maximum $10k and minimum $2.5k. However the impact of the purse bid also seen on the match referee’s and judges salaries, if the purse bid is more than $100k a fight judge earn maximum $500. If purse bid increased the limits of $500k the boxing judge earn share of $1.5k.

Boxing Judge Purse Bid ImpactShare of Boxing Judge In Purse
Purse Bid of $100k$500
Purse Bid of $500k$1.5k
Fight Worth of $1m$2.5k
Bid for fight $10m$10k
High Profile Fights boxing judges earn more than $100k a year in boxing calendar

Once the purse bid rise to $1m to $10m for a fight, a boxing judge receive share of $2k minimum and maximum $10k based on the fight he is judging during the pay-per-view. Lowest paid boxing judges are the ones who got selected for the undercard fights.

If the boxing match did not ended on the based results knockout decision or any disqualification, then a boxer announced winner as unanimous decisions and split decision based on three judges score card.

  • The Judges in boxing receive sum for the their daily meal.
  • Get travel and trip expenses from the promotion and promoters.
  • They get free parking tickets if the fights hold in their cities.
  • If the bout got cancelled they still make some small amount of money.
Highest Paid Boxing Judges How Much They Earn Per Year?
Boxing JudgesPer Fight FeeHigh Profile Fight FeesPPV BonusesYearly Earnings
Glenn Feldman$850$10k$5k$275k
Steve Gray$850$10k$5k$275k
Victor Fesechko$850$10k$5k$275k
Robert Tapper$850$10k$5k$275k
Guido Cavalleri$850$10k$5k$275k
Dave Moretti$850$10k$5k$275k
Burt Clements$850$10k$5k$275k
A boxing judge maximum earn $275k estimated earning based on fights he hosted as judge.

These are the famous judges who made appearance for top boxing fights. They have been part of the Anthony Joshua, Usyk, Tyson Fury, Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather fights. Since all these fighters hold status high profile fights, judges earn upto $10k for the fights. There will be more details regarding to boxing judges salaries if any changes made to their current earning status. Find-out how much boxing referees earn per fight.