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7 Largest Contracts in NBA History

7 Biggest Contract in NBA History


Contract Worth


Contract Year

Damian Lillard

$257 million

Portland Trailblazers

6 Years

James Harden

$228 million

Houston Rockets

6 Years

Russell Westbrook

$207 million

Housten Rockets

5 Years

Stephen Curry

$201 million

Golden State Warriors

5 Years

Klay Thompson

$190 million

Golden State Warriors

5 Years

Tobias Harris

$180 million

Philadelphia 76ers

5 Years

Khris Middleton

$178 million

Milwaukee Bucks

5 Years

Top players in NBA set new history with biggest contract worth of million dollars. Damian Lillard is one of the top NBA stars who hold contract worth of $257 million for six years. James Harden hold second biggest contract in NBA history worth of $228 million. More details updated if any-other NBA player joins the list of biggest contract. The details based on 7 biggest contracts NBA history based on reported data.

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