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Big Bash League Umpires Salaries | How Much They Earn Per Match & From Sponsorship Each Season?

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Big Bash Umpires Salaries

Big Bash League is one of the most popular T20 league in the world. Cricket Australia organize the season each year. In first few season, the number of International players is rare, but recently Big Bash League signed top cricketers from worldwide. Big Bash League umpires salaries based on season and sponsorship reported.

UmpiresBase SalaryPer Match FeesSponsorship Money
Elite UmpiresAUD $15,000AUD $750AUD $5,000
Entry LevelAUD $7,500AUD $350AUD $1,500

How Much BBL Umpire Earn Per Match?

In each cricket league there two categories in which umpires got selected Elite Umpires who hold contract with International cricket council. Entry level umpires who are local and hold contract with league development authorities. The elite umpires got advantage of their expiernce and they earn more than $15k a season their earnings increased to $25k to $20k based on sponsorship tags on their shirts.

  • Elite Umpire in big bash league match earn $750 match fees
  • Umpire who hold contract with development. earn $350 match fees selected for few matches
UmpiresSeason SalaryPer Match FeesContract Year
Gerard AboodAUD $25kAUD $7502022-23
Shawn CraigAUD $25kAUD $7502022-23
Greg DavidsonAUD $15kAUD $7502022-23
Phil GillespieAUD $25kAUD $7502022-23
Mike Graham-SmithAUD $15kAUD $7502022-23
Nathan JohnstoneAUD $25kAUD $7502022-23
Donovan KochAUD $25kAUD $7502022-23
Simon LightbodyAUD $15kAUD $7502022-23
Sam NogajskiAUD $25kAUD $7502022-23
Bruce OxenfordAUD $25kAUD $7502022-23
Ben TreloarAUD $15kAUD $7502022-23
Paul WilsonAUD $15kAUD $7502022-23
Stephen DionysiusAUD $7.5kAUD $3502022-23
Sharad PatelAUD $7.5kAUD $3502022-23
Troy PenmanAUD $7.5kAUD $3502022-23
Claire PolosakAUD $7.5kAUD $3502022-23
Eloise SheridanAUD $7.5kAUD $3502022-23

How Much Sponsorship Money Paid Umpires in BBL?

Since, KFC is long-time partner and sponsor of the league. The outfits umpire wear on the field have tag of KFC and two or three other sponsors, they get paid from. Official details how much these sponsors pay not report, But in IPL KingFishers pay $1k to the umpires sponsorship.

  • There are 64 matches in the Big Bash League season
  • A umpire with more 10-12 matches earn $25k AUD a season
  • Umpires who completed their tenure of development in 2-3 years get professional contract.

Who are Highest Paid Big Bash League Umpires?

GA Abood, MW Graham-Smith, SJ Nogajski, PJ Gillespie, and SAJ Craig highest paid match umpires in BBL season. These umpires part of more than 60+ matches in BBL season.