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UFC Vegas 72 Fighters Salaries | Yadong vs Simón Purse Payouts | How Much Fighters Earn from UFC Bonuses?

UFC Vegas 72 Salaries
How Much Fighters Earn at UFC Fight Night 223 | UFC Fight Night: Song vs Simón

The upcoming pay-per-view of UFC is announced where in the main event Song Yadong will be fighting opponent Ricky Simón. Where as in the co-main event a debut fighter Caio Borralho will take on Michał Oleksiejczuk. Cody Brundage, Rodolfo Vieira and Julian Erosa also fight in the main-card event of Vegas 72. The official ownership of the pay-per-view hold by Endeavor, all fights held under the banner of Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion. UFC Vegas 72 salaries purse payouts for the fighters based on their contracts reported.

FightersPursesWin BonusSponsorshipUFC BonusesTotal Payouts
Song Yadong$375k$100k$20k$50k$545k
Ricky Simón$210kN/A$15kN/A$225k
Caio Borralho$12k$12k$4k$50k$78k
Michał Oleksiejczuk$48kN/A$6kN/A$53k
Rodolfo Vieira$30k$30k$5k$50k$115k
Cody Brundage$26kN/A$5kN/A$31k
Julian Erosa$75kN/A$10kN/A$85k
Fernando Padilla$12k$12k$4kN/A$28k
Marcos Rogério de Lima$85k$85k$15kN/A$185k
Waldo Cortes-Acosta$12kN/A$4kN/A$16k
Joshua Quinlan$12kN/A$4kN/A$16k
Trey Waters$12k$12k$4kN/A$28k
Martin Buday $12k$12k$4kN/A$28k
Jake Collier$75kN/A$11kN/A$86k
Cody Durden$38k$38k$5kN/A$81k
Charles Johnson$12kN/A$4kN/A$16k
Stephanie Egger$38kN/A$5k$8.4k bonus$51.4k
Irina Alekseeva$12k$12k$4k$8.4k fine$19.6k
Journey Newson$26kN/A$5kN/A$31k
Marcus McGhee$12k$12k$4k$50k$78k
Hailey Cowan$12kN/A$4k$3.2k fine$12.8k
Jamey-Lyn Horth$12k$12k$4k$3.2k bonus$31.2k
Who is the Highest Paid Fighter at UFC Vegas 72?

The official details how much UFC paid to the fighters in ppv bonuses always kept secret by the promotion. However in past some sources claimed that fighters like Conor McGregor and Khabib earn more than $3m based on pay-per-view bonuses. The fighters who participated in the fight night earn less compare to the fighters who are part of the UFC monthly pay-per-view. Song Yadong highest paid fighter at UFC Vegas 72 with purse worth of $375k guaranteed while his opponent will be second top paid fighter with $210k guaranteed purse.

How Much Fighters Earn from UFC Bonuses?

Most of the times UFC announced bonuses for only four fighters which include fight of the night and performance of the night bonus winners. As per reports there is no hike in the UFC bonuses, fighters will earn maximum $50k whole in past UFC paid to some fighters worth of $75k bonuses.

  • Performance of the Night – $50k : Song Yadong, Caio Borralho, Rodolfo Vieira, and Marcus McGhee
  • Fight of the Night : Non of the fighters awarded with bonus

Further details regarding to UFC Vegas 72 salaries purse will be updated after the fights. If any of the fighters make money from PPV or further sponsorship deal details will be updated here later. The two fighters suffered 30% purse fine and 20% purse fine, Hailey Cowan 20% purse will be awarded to the opponent while Irina Alekseeva 20% given to the opponent.