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UFC on ABC 4 Fighters Salaries | Almeida vs Rozenstruik Purse Payouts | UFC Bonuses Announced | 13 May 2023

UFC Fighters Salaries

The pay-per-view of UFC on ABC 4 announced it will take place 13th May 2023. Main event of UFC on ABC 4 reported to be take place between Jailton Almeida and Jairzinho Rozenstruik. The co-main event announced and it will take place between Johnny Walker and Anthony Smith. UFC on ABC 4 salaries purse payouts for the fighters based on their contracts revealed.

FightersPursesWin BonusSponsorshipUFC BonusTotal Payouts
Jailton Almeida$310k$100k$15k$50k$465k
Jairzinho Rozenstruik$400kN/A$20kN/A$420k
Johnny Walker$75k$75k$5kN/A$155k
Anthony Smith$75kN/A$5kN/A$80k
Ian Machado Garry$38k$38k$5k$50k$131k
Daniel Rodriguez$48kN/A$5kN/A$53k
Carlos Ulberg$60k$60k$5k$50k$175k
Ihor Potieria$12kN/A$4k-N/A$16k
Alex Morono$250k$100k$10kN/A$360k
Tim Means$85kN/A$5kN/A$90k
Matt Brown$85k$85k$10k$50k$230k
Court McGee$75kN/A$10kN/A$85k
Karl Williams$12k$12k$4kN/A$12k
Chase Sherman$60kN/A$5kN/A$65k
Douglas Silva de Andrade$75k$75k$5kN/A$155k
Cody Stamann$85kN/A$5kN/A$90k
Mandy Böhm$12k$12k$4kN/A$28k
Kim Ji-yeon$60kN/A$5kN/A$65k
Bryan Battle$12k$12k$4k$50k $62.4k (fine $15.6k)
Gabriel Green$33kN/A$5kN/A$53.6 (included $15.6k bonus)
Jessica-Rose Clark$48kN/A$5kN/A$53k
Tainara Lisboa$12k$12k$4kN/A$28k
How Much Fighters Earn from UFC on ABC 4?

The official details based on pay-per-view numbers not out yet however the fighters earnings based on their current on-going contract for 2023 reported, Jailton Almeida become highest paid fighter with total earnings exceed $450k based on sponsorship and ufc bonuses. Jairzinho Rozenstruik who is top paid based on his contract which is worth more than $400k a fight. Alex Morono third highest paid with contract worth more than $210k per fight in year 2023.

UFC Performance Bonuses?

This weekend on fight night there are fighters who receive only performance of the night bonus however the bonus is paid more than 4 fighters at UFC on ABC 4.

Performance of the Night Bonuses $50k : Jailton Almeida, Ian Machado Garry, Carlos Ulberg, Matt Brown, and Bryan Battle

Since Bryan Battle way more than 173 pounds, two pounds over the welterweight non-title fight he will be fine and some of his purse percentage awarded to opponent Green. An estimated of 20% purse of Battle awarded to opponent which brings his overall earnings $62.4k from $78k purse. Further details regarding UFC on ABC 4 salaries updated after the main-event completed.